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Hi, I'm Loren. :)
I'm fourteen years old and I live in Massachusetts.
I like to think i'm easy to get along with.
I love Jesus Christ. Faith is the most important thing to me.
I fall in love a lot.
I like making friends. Let's be friends.;D
I'm a nerdfighter, starkid, and a gleek. 
Life is only worth anything because it's short. It's designed to be lived.

nerdfighteria, british youtubers, harry potter, glee, doctor who, hugging, the beatles,
smiling, playing the piano, fangirling, softball, laughing, the all-american rejects, skateboarding,
making a mess, AVPM, being a dork, taking pictures of everything, eating, owl city, sleeping, volunteering, &music.

people i know in real life who also have lovely profiles here!:

Go give them love.

go follow kaytbugg. like now. i've never talked to anyone more like me, ever.(x
seriously. go follow her.
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