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bonjour i'm kacey
[blondehair/ greeneyes/ skateboarding/ friends]

my quotes aren't perfect
but atleast they mean somthing
,.to me.,

Quotes by xkaacceeyy

he's become a complete stranger
he is everything i always wanted
he used to say he loved me,  now
i'm his  biggest  joke i  don't even
recognize him anymore. honesly
i  hate   him.  but   there's  always
those  rare moments  when  he'll
at me and all our memories
'_will come rushing back

what  hurts  th most
                     ///is seeing how you are now
and remembering how you used to be

                you treat me just like,
                                 [another] stranger. well it's nice
                     to meet you sir, i guess [i'll go]
i  bes b on  m way

wouldn't it be hilarious
[if the iPod touch, 
        or iPhones logo was

hmm,   i'd   tap   that....

mine (:

i   knew  we'd   be  bes  friends..
when  she saw me drawing [hearts] on
my [all] of  my school papers  and said
i know who you're thinking about

mine (:

did maki thaeasy
to walk right in and out of my
L       I        F       E
[if  things  were   like  they  were]
a few months ago, we'd be talking the
phone  right  now.
and i'd be laughing at some funny story
you'd be telling me;
and you'd be smiling because you know
you made me laugh.
we would flirt then deny it, and maybe
i'd actually go to bed
with a smile. but everythings wrong and

[nothing  will  ever  be  the  same]

me and her are bffl, but you and me, we're bff 
her: what's the difference?
him: forever's longer than life :)

& i like to think the only
reason  he doesn't  call me, is because
\\  he doesn't | know what | to say //