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When she's down, I try to help her back up. I would do this because I know..... she would do it for me.



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When he looks at me i think, omg stop.
When i look at him i think look at me again

       LOVE HURTS, U CAN WAIT!!!  <x <3
bff: heyyy girl
Jk12:hey wats new??
bff:nm, how about u?
Jk12:ooo, just chillen
Jk12: at school
bff: how, and where?
Jk12: ooo, right i snuck into the teachers lounge!
bff: WATTTT!!!
Jk12: oh dont worry, no ones here
                bff signed off at- 1:30:00:00
Im away cause im away. sorry, ran out of excuses!!
My BFF is better than yours, so REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!