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Second Time Around
[Sequel to Taking Chances]
Part One

He's coming. He's coming. I kept saying in my mind as I was walking down the hall. It was about 1:00 in the afternoon and I was getting ready to see someone who always brings me happiness.

A couple seconds passed and I finally spotted him out of the crowd. He was the tallest out of everyone. My heart started pounding. He was coming closer. Now's my chance. "Chase!" I yelled. He looked out into the crowd and spotted me. I ran over to him and pulled him close to me. Oh god. I thought. What am I doing? He looked down at me, and made a confused face. I pulled him closer and kissed him for dear life. He kissed back, while smiling against my lips. I held his hands and looked into his bright blue eyes. "I love you." I said. He smiled, brushed his pointer finger up against my face, and said "a2 + b2 = c2."

I suddenly snapped back into reality. I was daydreaming. I was sitting there, in math class with drool on my desk. I looked up at the board. Ah. a2 + b2 = c2. Mr.Kirtz was explaining the Pythagorean Therom. I looked around to see if anyone noticed the drool on my desk. Kirsten laughed at me. She knew what I was daydreaming about.

Sigh. I miss Chase more than ever. And ever since he left, All I ever think about is him. [Not much of a difference though..] It's been almost 2 years since he left. We never really talk anymore. The good news is, I eavesdropped on my mom when she was talking to her husband. (The stupid bald guy.) She said something about moving back to Florida. I'm hoping I can take Kirsten with me, too. It would be such a miracle if I moved back there. I could be in Chase's arms again. I know we both told each other that we probably weren't meant to be together, but I honestly think we're destined to be with each other forever. I may seem like a dumb teenager that's boy crazy, but I'm not. Plus, the only boy I'll ever be crazy about is Chase. Case closed.

Soon enough, It was the end of the day. I ran out of the classroom with Kirsten and Robby. We were laughing outrageously loud. Even after I broke up with Robby last year, we've gotten closer since Chase left.

All three of us always went on adventures together, and laughed at pretty much everything. We've done a lot of things since Chase left. Nobody ever talks about him in school anymore. It's almost like everyone forgot about him. He was pretty popular here. He was always the popular type.

Kirsten and Robby were cackling like idiots. I was giggling at the sounds of their stupidity. But I suddenly stopped laughing. I was staring out into the distance. Chase was standing at the entrance to the school. I started to speed-walk, and I could feel my heart racing. "Kaitlynn!" Kirsten yelled. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING? THE BUS IS THIS WAY!" She screamed. I ignored her. I started to run. Faster, and faster, I was getting closer. My heart was pounding in my ears, and my breath started to shorten. I didn't care. All I could hear was the pavement scraping up against the bottom of my Nikes. And all I could think of was Chase.

I was 3 feet away from where I thought he was. I stopped, and looked around. He wasn't there anymore. I started to cry. I was breaking down in front of people. Oh man, am I going insane? Kirsten dashed over to me, grabbed my arm with a firm grip, and dragged me onto the bus. While I was crying so hard. I was sobbing. Everyone was staring. I looked like a 3 year old that wasn't allowed to get a toy from Wal-Mart.

Embarrassing? I think so.

I'd like to know
Those of you who read my other story 'Taking Chances'.. would you guys like a sequel to that?
I started writing the second 'book' for it last night.
and I think it's pretty good.
Would you guys want me to post it on here?
I might just do it anyway. :)
I really need some feedback.




Idiotic Friend Moment #53:

Me: We found love in a hopless place.♥

We found love in a garbage can.♥


Every Girl Wants
 a boyfriend who:
-would kiss her in the rain.
-hold her hand in public.
-give her his jacket when it's cold.

What do I want?
Well, I'd much rather cuddle..

with my cat.


Hey, I like your boobs.


Thanks, I grew them myself.


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Did You Mean: something you want, but never had?

When We Met
Part Twenty-Eight;
Lucas's P.O.V.

Serenity has been gone for an hour.
I'm really worried.
"I bet she's hurt." Sophie said.
"Don't say that." I mumbled.
"What? you have to admit, she was pretty stupid for going out there alone."
She stuffed herself with chips.
I gave her a dirty look.
"She wasn't alone, Ethan was with her." I explained.
She did a bitchy laugh.
"Something still could've happened."
I got up, and walked straight to the door.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Sophie yelled.
"Looking for Serenity."
"Are you crazy? You could get killed!!!" Sophie stood up.
"She's my girlfriend, Sophie. I have to look for her."
She threw her chips on the ground.
"Then I'm coming with you."
I opened up the door, and Sophie and I decided to run to Serenity's house.

We made it to her street without getting hurt.
As we got closer to her house, I noticed something in her front yard.
Something laying still.
Oh no.
I decided to run for my life.
As I ran down her drive way, not caring where Sophie was,
I noticed Serenity was lying there.
She can't be dead..
Sophie caught up with me.
"WHY DID YOU DITCH ME?!?!?!" She screamed.
I slapped her shoulder and pointed to Serenity.
I knelt down and noticed she was still breathing.
Well, Barely breathing..
"I think she's dying." I said.
Sophie was staring into my eyes.
"you're crying." She said.
"What? no. I don't cry."
She smirked. "sure..."
I yelled.
"calm down." She said.
"WHY ARE YOU ACTING SO CHILL?!?!" I yelled again.
"Because this isn't the first time one of my friends died in front of me, Lucas."
She looked upset.
"sorry.." I looked down at Serenity.
She had cuts all over her.
She was bleeding out of her mouth.
Please, Don't die.
I was in shock.
"This is all my fault." I said.
"How?!" Sophie said.
"This is my fault for telling her about Angelina."
I said.
She looked away.
"no.. it's your fault Angie killed herself."
She got up and crossed her arms and turned away.
I felt guilty.
More guilty than  I have ever been.
Maybe it's time I die.
Angelina will get what she always wanted.
I'm gonna kill myself.
I'm better off dead.
I walked up beside Sophie. I hugged her.
She looked at me. "what are you doing.." She asked.
We just stared at each other.
She grabbed me, and kissed me.
Woah.. Am I blushing?
I faked a smile.
Then I bolted into the street, and got hit by a car.
I hit the windshield, and flew off into the bushes.
The last thing I saw, was blood.. and Angelina standing over me.
She got what she wanted.


He's so perfect. I love him.

He's my everything.



I really like her boobs.



Dear Boy,

That's it. I'm sick of you. You don't care about me.
You've made it pretty obvious. You've treated me
like sh*t since the very beginning. You know what
I say to that? I say, F*ck you. You don't deserve to
be in my life anymore. So I'm letting you walk out.
I've put up with your pointless bullsh*t for too long.
For once, I'd like to be in control of the way I feel.
You know how I feel? I feel great. Now that you're
gone. Go ahead and tell everyone how much you
don't give a sh*t about me. Because I'll be doing the
same. and one more thing:

I'm over you.