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Re-post if you love god

Ignore if you like the devil

God saw you read this
I see people getting like 50 faves and I can't even get 5...
Highlight it, I bet you'll smile! :)  V V V 
Everyone. Is. Beautiful. In. Their. Own. Way.

Clearly, you don't know the definition of LOVE.
Here it is:
love [luhv] noun, verb:

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Don't put your twitter, tumblr, or witty on facebook.
the girls who've had them a year before you and actually know how to use it

Lolol, this was just funny.

Christmas time; time for everyone to be happy, everystreet filled with lights, present giving, snickerdoodles, gingerbread houses, Polar Express, and 25 days of Christmas. Sounds like my kind of month. <3'
Merry Christmas,

(17 days)

"I won't let you close enough to hurt me"
...too bad I already did.
that awkward moment when..
you wake up from the most amazing realistic dream ever and realized your back to life...
lol. it sucks.