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                          I'm Ryann.

Quotes by xlivinitupx13

You were every reason, every hope,
and every dream i've ever had. And no
matter what happens to us in the future,
every day we were together was the
greatest day of my life<3

- -The Notebook

To: Him..
     I can't explain in words how much you mean to
me. I can remember the first time i saw you, I looked
at you and couldn't help but smile. You treated me like
we knew eachother for years. And I guess that's what
pulled me in. And now, two years later..we barley talk,
i don't get a second look from you, you never give me the
smile you used too, and i know for a fact you don't feel
the same way about me. But I just can't let you go..trust me
I've tried but, i guess the reason is..
I truly with all my heart, love you.

[[the letter I wish i could give to him]]

- - - - - - - - - - - -
i know this is long.
but i was just venting.

thinking back &+ wondering
why i'm such a fool, for loving you.

wow things can change<3
from----> "ohh he's just a crush"
to-------> "he means everything to me"
Don't give up; remember- - - - >anything can happen
I Love Him So Much <3
the problem is, he doesnt love me. There has been so many
times i could've made him fall for me back, but of course
I didn't take that risk. That one risk that maybe, just maybe
could've changed my life right now.  But I still think,
"Well, I don't know that for sure. What if he does?" Well,
that one little  statement keeps me hanging on and not
[(letting go)].

HaPPy NeW YeArS Eve !©
2009- - ->>It's almost here...

I'm not going to lie to myself anymore...
love him more then anything in the world, and all i want is to be with him for the rest of my life<3