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Hey my name is Catherine.  I have 5 dogs and a maccow parrot. I love playing sports so i am very active. My favorite thing to do is sing because music is life.  I go to Walt Whitman High School. I am  15
and im a sophmore starting in september.

Look at me now :D

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life is the bítch
& death is her sister
sleep is the cousin
what a fúckin' family picture

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I made a boo-boo!

I fell inlove with you :/

being a 10 cent

hoe doesn't

make you a dime



|||||| HOES ARE LIKE VACUUMS- ||||||
they suck, blow,
-------------------- AND GET LAID WHEREVER THERE'S room...
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Dora : So what part did you like?"
You: i liked when...
Dora : Yeah i liked that too.

You: B•tch i was'nt done!

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45 things about girls ;

1. We don't like it when you hold our hand, we ♥ it.

2. We're not all high maintenance. Seriously, who
spends five hours getting ready every day?

3. Cheesy and corny is adorable. Seriously.

4. We like it if you're a dork because we are too,
so we can be dorks together :)

5. We think you are unbelievably complicated too. Trust me.

6. We can like blood and gore too, but even if we
aren't scared, we'll still act like we are ;)

7. Usually "I'm fine" means "I'm not at all okay"You see, not all of
us are drama queens, so we don't want to
come off as one. Also, we don't like being vulnerable.

8. There are some things you just shouldn't say to a girl if you are in a relationship with someone else.Like: you're beautiful, I really like talking to you,
you're amazing... need I say more?We can't help but read into these things, especially if we want more than anything for you to really mean them.

9. If we cry in front of you, whatever happened to
us must have been really bad or have hurt us a lot.

10. If you sing to us, even if you're not very
good at it, we're like putty in your hands. Not even joking.

11. Don't treat us differently in front of your friends.
If they're really your friends, why would you have to act different?

12. We like hugs. They make us feel safe.

13. We might watch the game with you, if you watch The Notebook
[or whatever] with us. Some of us do actually enjoy watching the game with you though, so don't be too shocked if we slip on a team jersey.

14. Sometimes when you tell us we're pretty and we fight
with you and say we're not, it's because we really don't believe that we are.

15. You don't just date us, you date our best friend too. [As in, they're going to be around quite a bit, so you might as well try to get along with them]

16. We love your hoodies WAY more than our own.
Mostly because they smell like you.

17. It's not mandatory for you to text, call,
or IM first... but we really like it when you do.

18. If you can make us laugh or smile a lot, we're practically yours already.

19. If we smile a lot when we're around you and you ask us what we're smiling about and we say "nothing" or "no reason"... you're probably the reason.

20. We really do dream about being kissed in the pouring rain.

21. It really annoys us when you blame everything on pms or
say it can't be that bad. Imagine what it might feel like to
have someone punch you in the abdomen multiple times for 4-7 days. Yeah.

22. We love getting flowers for no reason. It doesn't even have to be a whole bouquet. One flower for no reason would be just as sweet.

23. We love your eyes.

24. We like it when you play with our hair, so go ahead.

25. We're never really too old for stuffed animals, especially if they're from you :)

26. We really do like it when you open doors for us... :)

27. When we say we're cold, that is most likely your cue to hold us.

28. We like when guys smell good. That doesn't mean bathe in your cologne though, so please don't. You like when we smell
good without choking you, we like the same thing.

29. We really do appreciate it when you try to cheer us up when we're feeling down about something [even if it doesn't seem like that big a deal].
We will remember and try to return the favor.

30. If you aren't honest with us and we know it, it hurts our feelings.

31. Words like beautiful, pretty, cute, and the like are much preferred over words like hot or sexy.

32. It's cute when you notice our bored or nervous habits.
We notice yours too and most likely find them adorable.

33. We like it when you kiss us on the forehead :) it's sweet.

34. When we say we miss you, we mean it and you have no idea how much.

35. Please, please, please don't say you love us unless you mean it.

36. We usually text you for two reasons: We miss you or we just really
like talking to you. We don't text for for several reasons:
We want you to miss us, we're mad, or we don't want to annoy you.

37. It really isn't mandatory for you to spend money on us. Spending time with you makes us happy. If you're dating a girl that thinks it IS mandatory that you do, you should find a new girl.

38. Most of us would prefer actual food over a salad, so don't lose hope. haha [Seriously, who are these girls that JUST eat salads? Give me some pizza... :)]
(To clarify, I'm not talking about vegans or vegetarians or girls that genuinely like salads. I'm referring to girls who who are for some odd reason terrified to
eat in front of guys or are horrified at the amount of calories
in real food. Get what I'm sayin'? haha)

39. We talk to our friends about you. Don't worry, it definitely
isn't always a bad thing. We talk about you so much because we like you :)

40. If we seem to like taking pictures of/with you, it's only because we like showing you off. And maybe so we can stare at you
even when you're not around because we think you're just that cute.

41. It isn't necessary, but if the urge strikes you to write us a love letter or a poem or even a song, go right ahead. We will LOVE it... and maybe even possibly cry :)

42. Nice guys don't always finish last...
[If you are a nice guy and you do always seem to finish last,
I'm sorry. Some girls are just idiots and don't know what's
good for them. You deserve better anyway.]

43. Just laying on your chest listening to your
heartbeat is the best feeling in the world<3

44. The butterfly feeling will come even if you just send a cute text :)

44. We're sort of scared to fell in love, but if you are a good guy it will
happen effortlessly & we couldn't be happier <3

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Where is my Aladdin, to show me the wolrd?

Where is my Eric, to kiss his girl?

Where is my Beast, to show me beauty lies inside?

Where are these men, why do they hide?

Why do I get a Jafar, who's slimy as a snake?

Or get dissed for an Ursula, who's ugly and fake?

Or get a know-it-all Gaston, who thinks he's so sly?

I guess I'll wait in my castle forever, for my fairy tale guy.

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Today i was at the playground with my 7 year old brother, this younger girl came up to him and asked if he wanted to play, it was clear that she had some form of cancer, she had no hair and a scarf around her head. they played about a whole hour. Then, when she got tired of running around, they sat in the shade of a tree and talked for another two hours about everything they could think of. They talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up, my brother wants to be a fireman and she wanted to be a vet. They talked about how they have the same favorite color, blue. They talked about how the moon isn't really made of cheese. Then, when it was time to go, she gave him a hug and said: " Thanks for talking to me. " He said, " No problem, do you want to meet here tommorrow? " She said sure. then her mom came to pick her up. And we went home. The next day we went to the park, she wasn't there. We went the next and te next, but still there was no sign of the girl. The fifth day we went, and her mother was sitting on a park bench, head in her hands. We walked over and asked where her daughter was. The only thing she said was, " She died four days ago. " My little brother's face dropped. Then, he took the mother's hand and said in a serious voice, " She was the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. She still is. And i will never know another girl like her. I wish i could tell her what i wanted to say, but i'll tell you instead. She had the most prettiest eyes and smile, and really funny stories too. She told me all about the hospital and what she went through. Please, know that i am sorry that you lost her. Even though i only knew her for a couple of hours, i was going to ask her to marry me." He then took out of his pocket a small ring made out of copper wire, and handed it to her mother.
"Give this to her will ya?"

That is love.
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