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Quotes by xlovestoryx

 Boy: I heard you like bad boys right..? ;)
Girl:  Yeahh i do.

Boy: Well im not trying to impress you or anything, but i can swim without floaties.
 Girl: ....

All mine. except format. x



freaking out when 
something touches you in the ocean. ♥


Hilary Duff's pregnant, Harry Potter's over,
Zack & Cody graduated, Miley revealed her
secret. I guess it's time to grow up. Childhood's over.


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think its cute when your jealous.




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smile when you two make eye contact. 



Running around with your hand pressed to your head to keep your hair in place because you haven't found a bobby pin yet.

Format by Sandrasaurus


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write you letters and poems. ♥



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Send you good morning texts.



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kiss you in the rain.



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Smile after they kiss you. ♥


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