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hey i/m me to talkk .. ill make yuh a pro if u want .. so hollah at me .. xxO

Quotes by xlovingChris

the way you kiss sends me straight to heaven .. boy you really are an angel that fell from the sky <3
when our lipsz touch ..

.. i feel complete
love is supposed to be special
yeahh thats what everyone tells me and yeahh it makes me feel special when im in love but whats so special about a boyy dropping your for just another dumb girl when you still love him ??
it was just a kiss
yes on little kiss
but now its like im
not even here ..
its like it never
ever happened but
i still love you
and i know it wasnt
a dream i know it wasnt
me in my fantasy world
it was me & you and it was
perfect as anything but now
it is you and her .. and you
may think it is perfect . but
its not because my heart is broken
but i will hang on and i wont let
go of you. because your the reason
that i live. i still love you

god. school is the worst place anyone could send me
the desks smell
the bathrooms are dirty
&& all the teachers are out to get me
i feel like im lost
lost in a huge jungle
where the teachers are the animals and i am there prey

::you dont know me::
::but i know you<3::
::i stand in the shadows::
::waiting for you to see::
::that your life would be better::
::if it involved me::
boy your so fine
i am wishin you were mine
Best friends are forever - guys are whatever - when worse comes to worst - my gurls come first!!!!
cRazy . . .
yeah thats what me and my girls
are when we all get together xO
i think of you beacuse i love you
i dream of you because i love you
i want you because i love you xO
i love you because your you ! xOo