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hey there; i'm katie.
i'm just your average teenage girl. i live by quotes and lyrics that
describe what i'm going through. i love to laugh and just be happy.
the little things in life make me the happiest, like laying outside
watching the stars or the color of the trees in the fall. you probably
won't catch me without chapstick on or my cell phone in my hand.
music is an obsession for me, i listen mostly to nevershoutnever!,
stephen jerzak, the maine, all time low, the scene aesthetic, and
so much more. follow or comment me & i'll be your best friend (:

when you laugh as much as you breathe,
you'll realize how beautiful life really is. <3

xmakemesmile's Favorite Quotes

When I'm around you, I:

1. Can't seem to stop saying "um"

2. Play with my hands

3. Am too afraid to look you in the eye, but when I do, I'm utterly speechless

4. Over think everything I do

5. Under think everything I do

6. Over think everything you say to me

7. Have the extremely strong urge to play with your hair

8. Feel lucky you actually want to talk to me

9. Want to hug you. Just hug you

10. Instantly feel depressed that I'll have to leave

11. Act like your teasing offends me, but secretly I want you to never stop

12. Want you to realize I am hopelessly in love with you

Favorite if you act the same

so one day i had my period and i forgot to flush the toliet ..... 
 and my brother went to the bathroom after me, and he calls me in and hes like whats this?! and before i can explain he screams "  MOM, HER BUTTS BLEEDING?  then my mom explains to him that i spilled red paint in there so the next day he goes to the bathroom and spills red paint and tells my dad his butts bledding and my dad goes up to my mom and says honey... i think our son got his period 

LMFAO. thiis actually happeend
please the[<3] if you laughed

❒ Team Edward
❒ Team Jacob 
✔ Team I just want to feel Jacobs Abs


I haven't been able to fall asleep until 3 AM every night this summer...
I'm screwed
when school

Confessions of a teen #9:
I hate waiting a whole week to see the next episode of my favorite show .

Don'hate your insecurities
because those could be the things that somebody loves
-my best guy friend