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I'm Brooke. (:
Basically your average teenager. I'll be a freshman this year & I'm pretty much in love with witty. Follow me; & I'd love to follow you! Let's get to know eachother witty sisters, <3

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Who thinks Witty should have notifications?!
C'mon, maybe if we get enough favs..
Steve will do it!

____ FAV if you want notifications. (:

my first kiss was in the rain.. <3

_favorite if you've had your first kiss;
comment how it was, or what you want yours to be like.

A Girl's Favorite Outfit:
a dress, with a hot pair of heels?
a pair of shorts, & his hoodie. <3


The WHOLE school year we plan our summer
& talk about how great it's going to be,
but then when summer comes,
it's never as good as we wished it was going to be.
it's almost august, & i'm going to make this last month count!

_who's with me?!

its a damn cold night
trying to figure out this life
wont you take me by the hand
take me somewhere new. <3

Let me guess...
Your a teenage girl, most likely in middle school or high school. You spend hours looking perfect just in case you see him today. You pretend he means nothing to you but secretly your completely head over heals for him. You get in fights with your mom every other day. Most of the day, your on your computer & have 4 tabs open; facebook,witty, twitter, & youtube. You pretend you don't care about what people think of you, when really you stride to make everyone like you. & some where between friends, family, txting, & thinkin' of him... your just tryin' to survive the everyday life of a teenage girl. <3

 biggest lies told by girls:
* I'm fine.
* Nothing's wrong.
* I think I'm beautiful.
* I don't care
* I don't love him.

Look for the girl with the broken smile;
ask her if she wants to stay a while.

& she will be loved <3

I've gotta find my place,
I wanna hear my sound.
Don't care about all the pain in front of me,
cause I'm just tryin' be
n  Happy n