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Crazy Kissing Facts
-65% of people tilt their heads to the right when kissing instead of the left

-Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don't.
-Some theorize that when you kiss a person with the same hair color as yourself,
the result is a more passionate kiss.
-On average a human will spend up to 2 weeks kissing in his/her lifetime.
-Our brains have special neurons that help us find each others lips in the dark
-An act of kissing puts 29 facial muscles in motion. In other words,
kissing can be used as an effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles
-Sensitivity of the lips is 200 times higher than that of the fingers.

-A kiss that lasts one minute burns 26 calories.


you honestly have the nerve to reply with 


                  without no rain

The Best Feeling? 
 waking up in the middle of the
--> night. <-- 
and realizing you still have 

to sleep. 
coming home,
putting      on      sweatpants,
a T-shirt,     &&
putting    up    your    hair   

if a guy really loves you;

he    shouldn't    have    to    take    off    your    shirt

to get a closer look at your heart 


                   "Hey. Wake me up in an hour."
                             (One Hour Later..)
                                     "Get up!"
                              "No. F*ck You!"
"Lets go to Build-A-Bear!"
Elementary: "YAYY!"
Middle: "Kill me now."

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