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Wadd upp? Rebecca here.
A few things about mee,
I'm 15 and a freshmen.
I'm a total tomboy, but love getting dressed up every once and a while.
I loveee hockey and baseball. (White sox and Blackhawkss)
I play softball, catcher and outfield. 
Just like every other teenage girl, im just trying to find my place and make the most out of being young(:
Im very sarcastic.
Not that rapp crapp. REAL music.
Yea, thats about it for in here.
Want to know more, get at me.
I dont bite, hard(:


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Quotes by xnobodygetsmex

I melt,
every time you look at me that way
it never fails, anytime, anywhere


I asked him to please say online because i wasnt feeling well,
he said anything for you
we talked and talked,
and he finally said those 3 words,
and ive never been so sure that someone meant it as much as he did.

I love you

Happiness is a choice.

Can't count on you to love me,

but I can count the days since you've been gone.


&& cuz without you there is no me


Cause i am just so broken by the bitterness of loneliness..


You don't choose
who you fall for
. You just fall
and get this person
who is all wrong,
but yet so right.


black background:

Every time we talk,
i feel like I've met my best friend all over again.
You make me laugh, you make me smile.
You make me angry, you make me pout.
But i feel like i can go to you with anything.
I know that may sound crazy, but i never said i wasn't.

You always have an ear to listen to what may seem
like the end of the world to me,
But you always make it seem like its no big deal.
You tease me, you get me, you confuse me.
Never the less, i consider you a best friend.
Best friends.

Maybe, that's just me.
But i hope not.
So, you tell me to write you something.
Many thoughts and feelings filled my head,
Most of which i have mentioned.
But some are remaining hidden,
For each others sake.

From the question game that went on for days,
to the pointless arguments, to the endless laughs and story times.
You have grown on me more and more.
A simple hi, can turn my day around.
Again, I may sound crazy.
But that's just me.

I've been through a lot with people,
and "best friends".
But only a couple have lasted.
I really want this one to last,
because you make me forget everything that happened in the past.

I hope i did not disappoint with this,
what started out as something simple.
But that is how we came to be,
so i thought it fitted us, perfectly.


alllllllllllllll mine.
posted it on my other one,
a while agoo and wanted to repost


And sometimes i need someone to say, "you'll be all right, what's on your mind?".
But the water is shallow here, and i am full of fear.
And empty handed after 2 long years



To whom it concerns, my work will be late,
it fell in my pancakes and stuck to my plate...
To whom it concerns, my ma made me write this,
and I'm just her kid, so how could I fight this...
To whom it concerns, I lost my assignment,
maybe I'll get lucky, solitary confinement...
To whom it concerns, im great with the ball,
but guys don't watch tomboys when they're cruising the hall...
To whom it concerns, I just turned fourteen,
too short to be quarterback, too plain to be queen...
To whom it concerns, I'm not made of steel,
when I get blindsided my pain is quite real...
I don't mean to squawk, but it really burns...
I just thought I'd mention it, to whom it concerns...

**this is from the tv show,
if anybody has seen this episode
Darlene wrote this poem and i
changed it so i sounded
like i wrote it, because
it reminded me of myself