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Quotes by xo228xo

If youve ever
tried to fight tears on the bus ride home, and failed.
If you’ve ever lied about why your eyes were glazed over,
and you were believed.
This one’s for you. 
If you’ve ever stopped listening to your favorite band
because he liked them too.
If you’ve ever hated a girl you didn’t know
because he picked her over you.
This one’s for you. 
If you’ve ever wished you were weak enough to cry in public.
If you’ve ever constantly hid behind laughter and smiles.
This one’s for you. 
If you’ve ever bit your lip to stop it from quivering.
If you’ve ever walked with your eyes planted on the ground.
This one’s for you. 
If you’ve ever stared into the darkness before sleep,
trying to avoid the ‘what’s if’s’ and ‘if only’s’.
If you’ve ever listened to totally different music,
but ended up thinking about him anyway.
This one’s for you. 
The girl who doesn’t get the guy.
The girl who still lives her life to the fullest she can.
The girl who gets up every day and doesn’t give up.
This one’s for you, 
because it takes so much to be that strong.
>>that moment when<< 
all you wanna do is get away but you have no where to go, when all you wanna do is cry but don't want any one to know you're upset, that moment when everything that has ever hurt decides to come out at once and you are clueless on what to do.
Somewhere in West Philadelphia, you will find an old basketball court with a single ball lying in the middle. Pick it up and start shooting hoops. After a while, a small group of hooligans will approach you and challenge you to a fight, which you must accept.

After the fight, you must return home and relay the events to your mother. She will then inform you that you have an aunt and uncle living in one of the districts of Los Angeles. Out of fear, she will send you to live there for an indefinite period of time.

With your bags packed, go to the street corner and whistle for a cab. The cab that will pull up with bear the word "FRESH" on the license plate. Upon closer inspection, novelty fuzzy dice will hang in the mirror. Although you will suddenly realize that cabs like these are extremely hard to find, do not bear any thought to it.

At this point, you MUST point out in front of the car and say, "Yo holmes, to Bel Air!" You will stop in front of a mansion and it will be some time between seven and eight o'clock, even though it will feel like you've been traveling mere seconds.

Get your luggage out of the cab and say, "Yo holmes, smell ya later," but do NOT turn back to face the cabby. Walk up to the door, look over your shoulder once, and then knock on the door three times.

If you follow these instructions, your life will get flipped, turned upside-down.
Annoying persom Everyone needs to stop being so excited for high school. It's really not the great.
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My new bestfriend Didnt you fail freshman year?
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ok so i have never been popular or anything even on my birthday no one cares... getting over 150 faves on a quote means the world to me thank you guys! i love you all! 



Intelligence is like an underwear. 
It is important that you have it, but not necessary that you show it off.


*fixing the elevator*

Spencer: "How long will this take?"
Guy: "I don't know...three or four."
Spencer: "Four what? Days? Weeks? Months?"
Guy: "Yeah, maybe five."
Spencer: "Five what?!"

Guy: "Look buddy, I'm just a dancer."

Me I love you...If only you noticed
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My crush I love you too
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that "OMG i might cry moment"
when you get a lot of faves! <3