Status: She has a little bit of devil in her angel eyes & alittle bit of heven on her wild side;*
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Im Jess & I love witty!
I go on like everyday
please no haters.
and if you respect me, I will respect you as well.
If i copy a quote I do give credit always.
Im 14 years old and I like  singing, playing gutar,flerting;)
Im really good at Flerting with boys and singing
im not shure what else?
 i have alot of good friends
i dont have a boyfirend
i love trying on dresses in maycies when i go to the mall:D
well thats pretty much it:)
love you & have fun and exlpore my page<3:*
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Quotes by xo2Jess7ox

F is for fire who burns down desire.
U is for Uranium boms..
N is for NO SURVIERS! down here in the deep blue sea
[♥] if you remember where this is from.

Wish me luck in the Olympics.

Just kidding. I'm on my 5th peice of pizza..
Once you've seen someone else's boobs, you're pals for life.
Thats just how it goes.
Me: Dad said he would get a cat when we all get older!
Mom: Well i dont know what Dad is talking about because i am not getting
          a cat..
Me: Will you get a kitty?
Mom: "Kittys" turn into cats so no
Me: Will you get a kitty cat?
Mom: NO! Kitty cats and kittys both turn into cats!
Me: No? Kittys are small kitty cats are medium size & cats are big..
Mom: Oh my god...
(3 hours later)
Me: Soooo mom, how bout that cat? (:
Fav if you love;
Being hugged from behind..


Girls Like me .
  can give two $hits about what pople think.
   (fave if you think i should so a series?)

bad decisions;
 Dont jump off a bridge even if someone promaces 1,000,000,000 dollars.
Because theres a thousand %chance youll be dead once you get down there
 So i dont think youll be getting that 1,000,000,000.

                                                       Fav if you think i should keep doing theese?    

The Confersation i had with the Boy i have a thing with(: made me smile so why not share it with witty? 

Haha, did yoou se the moon?!
Yeah, Its so pretty(:
Just like you<3
I love you<3
I love you too<333
It really sucks after everything.. He is still the one i want. No matter how many days he dosent talk to me.. No matter how long i dont get to see him. He is the one and only think in the world i really want.<|3