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love me, hate me, either way im on ur mind.

use it i got it off of something but i forget LOL
ok this really happened to a really smelly guy at my cool..
Smelly guy: hey what time is it?
girl:time for u to get a wash..
Smelly guy:thanks
girl:oh srry i didnt mean to say it..

i thought it was funny but u had to be there i guess LOL hehe
"true love never dies"-Second Hand Lions
"twice i have held ur life in my hand and twice i have given it back to u next time ur life is mine"-Second Hand Lions
~i remember our first fight~
~i remember our first hug~
~i remember our first call~
~when u said u were~
screw you....im a pimp too!!!

lol i made it but use it... it made me laugh....:-D
i am truly sorry
that it did not work out
it makes me wanna scream
and sometimes even shout
i will never figure out
what went wrong with u and me
because i thought it was meant to be
but now ur with her and not with me
and i have figured it out
u think ur to good for me...

hey here ya go use it if u like it!!! made by *MWAH*
~*i loved him more then nething
he said that he loved me 2
i want him to no that he ruined everything
because my love was true*~

here ya go use it... dont u hate it when u love sum1 so much but u just cant have them any more?? i do!!!!
my girls
they r here for me no matter wat
they see me thru awhole lot
we grin we frown
we laugh we cry
sometimes we even want to die
But no matter wat there here for me
And i thank them as u can see...

I love u girls!!! i made this but ya go ahead use it!! iunno it might now be that good but OH well i tried....
Basketball is my favorite sport i play real hard while on the court....i practice both day in and day out i love to hear the cheerers SHOUT!!i play this because i love the game and because i want the FAME....

i made this too... go ahead use it.. have fun....