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R.I.P Olivia Marchand. I love you, and I always will <3 

Quotes by xoBROKENhearted

rab onto that dream

  with        x        both        x       hands
 and go at it big time.

 Today   when   I woke   up,
I spent that extra half hour I usually use to straighten my hair to stay in bed. 
I took that 5 minutes to put on my make-up to actually   eat food
I  put  on  my  favorite  sweats   &   hoodie  and  pulled  on  some  old   sneakers. 
I pulled my hair back in a pony tail and  headed  out  the  door. 
Not once during the day did he come up to me && say "you look beautiful"
He didn't even look twice.     -»(Hey, he probably didn't even look once.)
But honestly,  I've never felt   so   [beautiful] .
 And     that's    all      that       matters     to     me. 

                            It makes my mouth happy [:

                                                                                                                          -Christofer *Drew

funny how you think I don't care.
 It    -x-   sucks    -x-   how   -x-  I   -x-  do   -x -  care,  -x-   and  -x-   can't   -x-   stop.

" You have to know who you are.
You can't just be walking down the hall thinking,
"oh, I'm me- but wait- who am I?"
You're more than just a relfection in the mirror...."
- A very wise and inspirational history teacher-
  我爱你,       男孩。
am I speaking in a foreign language or something?
 because honestly;    it's not that hard to understand.


               i just want to love you.
i dont want to change you or judge you.
but darling, you need to learn to love too.
..i just want to love you.

ABC, just as easy as 123, My momma's got the allergies,
baby  you  and   me .
Ooh,   -x-    I   -x-   wanna   -x-    piece     -x-    of   -x-    pie. 

 Pie     too       sweet,        wanna       piece       of      meat.
Meat  too  tough,  wanna  ride a  bus.
Bus  too full,  wanna ride a  bull.
Bull   too   black,   want   my   money   back.
Money   back    too   green,   wanna   jelly   bean.
Jelly    bean      not      cooked,      wanna    read     a     book.
Book       not       read,      wanna      go      to       bed.
Bed not made, want some             lemonade.       
  »   Lemonade too sour, wanna take a shower.   «
Shower  too cold,  wanna piece of  gold.
Gold  too  pretty , wanna   pet   a  kitty.
Kitty too fat, and that's the end of that.
Hey     tomboy,     hey     tomboy,     wanna     come
over on a Saturday night?  We  can  wiggle
we can jiggle, we can do the twist
And I bet ya ten bucks you can't do this:
close your eyes and count to          t          e         n, 
when you mess up we start    »all over again.

Cab driver: Where you headed, yellow?
The man in the yellow hat:
bloomsberry musem, -x- and i'll give you an
               extra ten if you don't call me"yellow". okay?
Cab driver: Sure thing, sunshine.
                                               ♥ curios george.

 "straight guys don't like dicks.
sooooo,  if you call a guy one and he's offended,
h e ' s     p r o b a b l y     g a y ."  (: