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Quotes by xoCaitlynxo

Today  the  whole  world  came  crashing  
 down on me, so I got some tape and
put the map back on the wall


but we're  

close to tears


Of course I talk to myself. Who else is there to trust? 


Wait for the boy who would do anything to be your everything ♥  


If you want to be together
you have to-get-her



hate thfacthayou
ignored me for so long then you
start talking to me like nothing happened



Dear ITunes,
Please stop asking if I want to download version
Sincerely, I just want to listen to music


 be falling apart, instead of falling together

You're a teenager.
You're beautiful, no matter what anyone
says. You're going to change even though
you promised yourself you wouldn't. You
are no where near perfect, but no one is.
You're going to learn that sorry doesn't 
fix everything and you only get so many
chances. You're going to find out who 
really cares and who's just curious. You
might think no one will ever love you, but
just be patient, he'll come around. You're 
going to cry, laugh, smile. You'll feel
alone, worthless, scared, but that's life.
You're a teenager trying to survive in

this big world, we call life...