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hey guys wats up this is Danielle.Im a very chill gurl who love to have a good time. once you get to know me im very loud and outgoing. I love to laugh I ll laugh for no reason. My fav color is pink and i luvvv to go shopping (what gurl doesnt). AND IM OBSESSED WITH JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!

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ILOVE YOU JAYSON 5.14.09 BABY <333333333
ok who came with all the lame jokes there not even funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you wonder #1

why is the word abbreviation is long??

juss thought of this
passive93 (9:21:34 PM): I AM SUCH A 2 YEAR OLD
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:21:41 PM): i knoe
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:21:52 PM): wee wee pee pee hahahahahahahahaha
passive93 (9:22:03 PM): k
passive93 (9:23:07 PM):
passive93 (9:23:12 PM):
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:23:17 PM): heeh ee
passive93 (9:24:08 PM): yup
passive93 (9:24:25 PM): we have 2 see alyssa next week
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:25:53 PM): eeewww kill me actaully kill her instead
passive93 (9:26:03 PM): ik
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:26:12 PM): hahahahaha
passive93 (9:27:59 PM): actaully kill me instead
x0grritzxdaniix0 (9:28:27 PM): no thanx ill have no one to laugh when run into walls
passive93 (9:28:40 PM): hahahahah

thought it was funny rate high please

“ Honey, I wish you were home tonight”


There’s no light in the moon when without you,

I miss you so much when your gone,

Seems like days are draggin on and on,

Feels like I can’t breathe,

All I want is you here with me ,

Now I have all this pain inside my soul,

Not knowing which direction my heart should go,


I can taste your lips on the tip of my tongue,

Now I’m sitting here gods knows long,

Behind the smiles and lies are

Nothing but tears in my eyes ,

Feels like I’ve lost one of my best friends,

Hoping this love would never end


You’ve touch my heart inside and out,

I love you so much without a doubt,

Baby I guess no is not the time,

Honey, I wish you were home tonight


Hoping you would never forget me,

Waking up it realizing it was just a dream,

Now that dream became a reality,

Wishing you were lieing right next to me,

Oooooooooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh,

I get chills down my spine,

Everytime I’m wishing that you were mine


each time I think of you I try not to cry,

But the pain hurts so deep inside,

I can’t get you off my mind,

Like a flashin light makin me go blind,

You’re all I think about at night,

I’m holding for dear life,


You’ve touch my heart inside and out,

I love you so much without a doubt,

Baby I guess no is not the time,

Honey, I wish you were home tonight

rate high if you like these BUT DON'T STEAL THEM!!!!!!

wats with all of the twilight edward cullen garbage lets face it twilight  sucks and edward is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only reason god gave us arms was to
have someone hold you in them forever &hearts;

Well didn't I think you would always love me
And didn't I want you to take care of me baby
No, well that ain't happenin'
No no no
Wouldn't I love just to rise above this
You gotta believe
I have suffered enough to be free
So I'm officially leavin'
Just a kiss on the cheek and
I'm gone.
I'll be on the 7 o'clock
whoa oh oh whoa oh oh
7 o'clock to Chicago
Whoa oh whoa oh

                                    -- Kate Voegele &hearts;

So there's this guy that
i love but if I tell you you'll
probably fall in love too