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Helloo, I'm Taylorr :]
I may be yourr best friend in the entire world or the biggest bitch sometimes,
so dont judgee cause i know im not perfect and will never ever be.

I'm a rele big girly girl,
I love beingg with my friends,
I'm very athletic ( I play field hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball & run.),

I am obsessed with shopping,
I have an addiction to texting,
I paint my nails a different color every day so i am not gonna be suprised when they fall off,
I HATE eating,
I exercise wayy too much,
I fall for guys way to quickly and always end up with a broken heart in the end,
I'm rele friendly and love helping people so i'll ask mee,
I tan everytime the suns out so if im everr burnt thats whyy,
I lovee Justin Bieber,
Disney World is the best place in the world. I dont care if you think its for little kidss cause its so nott,
My familyy is ahmazingg and my parents are willing to buy  mee the world,
I lovee my dogs Kayla and Myliee <3,
And I'm in love with Charles Keller<3

I havee the BEST FRIENDS in the entiree world,
through everythingg, i can always findd youu by my side <3

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Steve 7 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
lOljKitSmEtaTy 1 decade ago
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xoxhayleylxox 1 decade ago
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hey tay!!!! cant wait too come over todayyy
acebaby 1 decade ago
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your welcome :}
i just barely found about this whole witttty world :D lol
flipflopgirliexo 1 decade ago
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how was the game?
itsblondiiix3 1 decade ago
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yeah sure i'd be happy to, what do u want on itt?