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I am just an average teenage girl. I am madly in love with someone. He as loves me. But, the problem is, he is in the army. He writes, he calls as much as he can. We love each other even though we are so far apart. We have only known each other for a year and we are bestfriends. We are not dating. We are strictly best friends who are madly in love with each other but are to frightened to start a relationship. We will never give up on each other. I will keep fighting this crazy life but I only fight for him. I have been through hell and he is the only one who keeps me sane. Believe me, depression hurts, anxiety kills, seperation is like going through hell. And he is the only one who gets me through my days. I know he is not here physically but mentally he is with me telling me to keep fighting and to stay strong. And I will stay strong for him. I love you my best friend, my love, my soldier, my everything. And i can not wait for the day i can see you again and jump into your arms. 
Just an average teenI

Stay Strong
Keep Fighting
Have Faith
Hakuna Matata; it means no worries
Happiness is the key 

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 And tonight
he kissed me

44 out rher

I really need
A witty best friend;
someone to vent,
just be there for me,
and who needs one too.
Comment/Like/Comment on profile.

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Witty is still Beautiful without all the colors
You are all Beautiful just like always.
Why are you doing this to me.. 
i cant take the pain anymore.
I really need a new profile layout and about me, so somebody please help and ill give you my stuff to do it(: 
Thank you witty girls your all beautiful love you all<3
I wonder if he knows how much I love him;<3

Drop every thing now

Meet me in the pouring rain
Kiss me on the sidewalk
Take away the pain<3
Taylor Swift<3

               And Ready To..


I'll Be Burger King And You Will Be McDonalds..
I'll Be Doing It My Way And You Will Be Lovin' It(: 

 facebook<3 but still no jockingg(:

kissing test
1.hold you breath
2.click add a quote
3.copy and past this quote
4.good now if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser  

^^^ someone else's quote ^^^

...... guess i am good kisser that or my computer is really fast