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Hey my names Kathryn but you can call me Kat I'm sisxteen i love sparkles and I'm wierd bye
(+) boys, sparkles, tye-dye, cheerleading, make up, chocolate, food, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, ice, music, dancing,Taco Bell, fires, parties, summer, tanning, beaches, car rides, late nights, texting, adventures, clothes, hoodies, ice cream, thunder, coloring movies, hockey, baseball, sleep.
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Quotes by xoKatxo10

I want to marry a man who will wear his wedding ring till the day he dies.
Admit it.. When we were younger we all thought those rubber braclets were braces or retainers.
When you're texting your friend who is home from school and sh'es too lazy to make food so she asks if it's legal for a fifteen year old to order pizza... 
If you cry over a guy, then your friend can't date him. It can't even be considered.
~Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato give me hope.
Everybody deserves a second chance. I took one of my bestfriends back after she hurt me so much. It's been almost 6months of not being friends and today I forgave her.. I'm so willing to start new. <3
All my quotes are about a boy..... A boy I use to know..
& even though you faded the memories didn't.
Follow your heart
..... I've been doing that for how long.. Still nothing