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Hi;im Madison;
Im 16;& Sorta new here;
Sorry if you dont like these;
Just dont write nasty comments;
Thanksss; :]

Quotes by xoMadisonx3

has perfect cuddling weather


        has a reason for waking up
M i n e
-----> is youx3
Smile silly,
  it looks good on you. <3
At excately 11:11
i wished for something you will never believe.
i wished i didnt love you anymore
right as i decided to change my mind.
it turned 11:12

-->kinda mine.
Romeo take me;;
---------->Somewhere we can be alone.<3

Taylor swift.  Love story.
[&+] When you do realize you want me back.
I'll still be here.
   [I swear]
Somebody said a prayer;
Somebody had some faith.

Its that [sparks flyin in the dark] kind of feeling.<3
It felt like 
------> A bullet in her heart;x|3
I'd give anything
     For one for minute with you
I [still] miss you