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Quotes by xoOnLyYoOox

*..were, evil and can read eachothers minds..*
*..were great, best friends, partners in crime..*

mrs. flirtatious!!!
what..my luts!!
i would give up... e v e r y t h i n g
just to be his.... e v e r y t h i n g

i would give up e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
just to be his e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g
but right now im just n.o.t.h.i.n.g

yeah, i like you
but your so caught up in her..
you dont even notice me

everything i do..i do for you..

^^1oo% myne!!
im NOT a .t.o.m.b.o.y
im an a t h l e t e !

ThE bOnD bEtWeEn Us CaN nEvEr EnD
uR mY sIsTeR, mY bEsT fRiEnDs
nO tElLiN wHaT wE dO...
wHeN tHe GuYs SeE uS tHeRe LiKe
DaMn ThErE iS tWo

^^COD..lol..ukwur.. i love you to peices

HHH    HHH  O     O      T         T         I     E
HHH    HHH  O     O      T         T         I     E
HHHHHHHHHH  O     O      T         T         I     E
HHHHHHHHHH  O     O      T         T         I     EEEEEE
HHH    HHH  O     O      T         T         I     E
HHH    HHH  O     O      T         T         I     E
HHH    HHH  OOOOOOO      T         T      IIIIIII  EEEEEEE

sorry if it gets messed up..suposse to say hottie!!
a child went to his dad and said
"is god a boy or girl"
his dad said god is both
then the child asked
"is he black or white"
his dad said both
so they child answered
"so god is micheal jackson"

^^lol..thought it was funny!!
f r i e n d s in school
r o o m a t e s in college
b e s t f r i e n d s for life
Let`s take two girls
Both filthy rich
From the Brightlights
Down to the sticks
From velvet ropes, to cattle pulls
Let`s take away their limosines,
their credit cards; their shoppin sprees
well, they're both spoiled rotten
will they cry when they hit bottom
Heaven knows who can survive
*this simple roadtrip kinda life*

^^paris and nicole..lol..
i love my paris..UKWUR!
dont tell me *i*love*you*
when we BOTH know its NOT true
O---i'll let ya lick the lolly pop---O