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Being seventeen
I saw you today being seventeen you didnt see me you were with your friends driving your boyfriends truck, you were so carefree, you were laughing, so happy, so young In that instant i understood why you couldnt be....why you werent ready i never knew how young or carefree seventeen was i never understood untill that moment i saw you today. I never had a teenagehood, and more then ever im glad.

-kelly's mom
Young love knocks you off your feet to teach you to get back up...
I stopped today
I stopped to think of you
I thought about those endless summer days
When we were so carefree
I remember sitting in the back of Joel’s car,
With you on that 1st day
Do you remember laughing in that smoky car?
As our eyes grew redder and smaller?
I thought about the many times we sat on your deck,
I remember our 1st kiss in your room on the bed in the middle of our sentence
I laugh at the time your dad came home
And in your words “We got beat…”
Do you remember the way I use to tickle your neck in the car
And make you almost fall asleep
Or how we use to sit together and watch that show
That I still don’t quit understand “Aqua teen Hunger Force”,
And how you would put the footrest down
And almost make me fall every time
We were so carefree in everything we did
Maybe a little too carefree…
I remember the car accident where “Jim” was driving
I remember when you got jumped at the rope swing
And I remember my tipsy self trying to keep you calm as we lied on your floor at your house later that night when we got home.
A home my 2nd home the place where you could always find me…
I remember when it ended
How my old habits came back all too quick
And my best friend was my bottle of Tequila and my pack of cigarettes
I’ll never forget any of these days
The days when I was so carefree..
Young love is what we had
Something made
Not to last
But to teach
And teach is what you did
You taught me to just be myself
And to be happy with who I was
And now more then ever
I am
And now I know I’m beautiful with or with out you..
And now in the end
It’s not that I have stopped loving you
It’s that I have started loving myself….
Do I give in to sad thoughts that are maddening
Do I sit here and try to stand it
Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness
do I trust nobody and live in loneliness

Because I can't hold on when I'm stretched so thin
I make the right moves but I'm lost within
I put on my daily façade but then
I just end up getting hurt again
Im heading for a b e k o n
r a d w
A girl like me dont settle for 2nd best
Pleasure and pain come from your own past actions...
HaPPNEss ComES tO ThE PERson WHo GiiVES hapPNEss
TO oTHers
iiF You CaNT Be WiiTH THe oNe You LoVe....
...THen LoVE THe oNe YouR WiiTH