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You know the feeling

you get when your left alone? It hurts.

love is a ruthless game

 unless if you play it good and right.

-Taylor Swift

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I have a crush on my cousin.
I know your probally thinking "your crazy, you can't do that!" or something along those lines. But, hes only my cousin by marrige. His father married my aunt and he is no where near blood related to me. This is crazy thought because I was with him for a week all week and we talked every night tell we fell asleep. I was at a beach house for my grandparents 50th aniversery so we just saw eachother...alot. It started with just sharing glares and smirks, but as the week went on those smirks turned into huge smiles and those glares went into looking into eachothers eyes. It felt amazing. He was funny and he made me laugh, alot. He is only one grade above me but he lives about a 12 hour drive away :( He is really cute and muscular :) Its been about a week since I've seen him last and I didn't get his number and I miss him so much! I honestly don't know what to do and I dont know if he even liked me back like in the way I like him. Suggestions?



you give me that hummingbird 

-Katy Perry

Who likes One Direction?

Well I'm obsessed.

If you click this link it would send me to New York to see them, basically making my dreams finally come true for once. You can sign up too. Please help me! Whoever else sign up I will also help them also! thank you :)



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bombing for peace is like

f*cking for virginity.


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Cool story hoe.
Suck it again.

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to

break a heart. So be careful with your words.



This is for the girls who has fallen in love with someone that isn't there to call them mine.♥ 

I didn't fall.I attacked the floor with my body.