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i love quotes. my name is amandakatee im 12 i love making profile or ediitz ??

Quotes by xo_babesterr_xo_x3

i agree with the dictionary
g.i.r.l.s before g u y s
partying before studying
and friends before<3 love <3
roses are red ©
violets are blue ©
and i think about
is you ©
go buy a life....
on EBaY ©©
ANd He Has©
the most adorable eyes
i've ever seen & the cutest smile that
takes your breath away ; he has
the ability to make you laugh everytime
he speaks & whenever you look into his
eyes ; it's so hard to turn away..
who will burst out laughing in dead silence
because of something that happened yesterday

imthetypeofgirl; [[ font ]] impact.
i--dark pink
m- light red
the-medium orange.
type-dark yellow
of - light yellowish green
girl - teal
rest of it font is arial and gray
good thing jelousy isnt a diese because oh man i'd be the only one without it. and dang people would get pretty sick.
How sweet it is
to be loved by you
©Thisisn't BurgerKing©
you cant have it your way
Dont search so hard for the happy ending...
.........You might miss some of the best parts of the story
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