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heeeey fellow witty girls (and maybe some boys) ;D
im a 15 year old gurl,
becoming the sweet sixteen on April 27.! (LL)
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Quotes by xo_foreverandforalwaysbabe_xo

...that awkward moment when a
witty girls asks for favs cause shes going to die in a week
and a month later she posts another quote....


; that awkward moment when you ask Romeo to say yes
and hes says no.


-all mine $:

when you see a poppy,
and it gently nods its head
walk softly, go around it,
for it marks a soldiers bed.

Remberance day, 2010
it breaks my heart to see
no rememberance day quotes
on the top quotes...

If yu cant stand up for our troops,
Stand in front of them

my head is saying,
"fool, forget him!"
my heart is saying,
"don't let go!"

-grease <3

People say all us girls are
U  N  I  Q  U  E
but are we really?
All of us girls are heartbroken by a guy.
the only unique thing about us is
the guy that broke our
H  E  A  R  T  S

mine :$


i was there when woody was Andy's favorite toy,
i was there when Buzz came around and Woody got mad
i was there when Woody met Jesse and the Round up gang


i will be there when the toys go to school. <3

im a sixteen year old girl, and im proud to say im excited to see Toy Story 3

:$ me and my friends have ticket for opening night

you take someones breath away
you rob them of the abitity to utter a single word
you steal their heart.


*inspired from my sisters keeper :$
sometimes im clueless and im clumsy
but i got friends who love me


i really hate what you've become </3
please be yourself again (: