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ya motha. brb <3

its a smileyyy faceeeeee =]

its a smileyyy faceeeeee =]
what hurts the most, is being so close. & having so much to say; & watching you walk away. & never knowing, what could of been. & not seeing that loving you, is what i was TRYING to do <3


makee itt cutee aiiighttt<3333
if every word i said
made you laugh,
i'd talk forever<<- ♥

- jesse from full house [in his wedding song]
so there's this boy;;
& the way he smiles, makes me laugh;
the way he talks gives me butterflies;
& the way he holds me is undescribable♥

makeee ittt pretttty :o) kayyyy
love (LuH-V) noun: giving someone the ability to break your heart; but trusting them not to

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-love should be in tahoma size 12 bolded
landon: are you scared?
jaime: yes. i'm scared of not being with you.
landon: oh baby, that will never happen.

-A Walk TO Remember♥

make it pretty kayyyy ;]
never frown because you'll never know who'll fall in love with your smile♥
love [lUh-V]- 1) when a guy can either make you smile or cry; 2) a feeling that you actually belong to someone; 3) the ability trusting someone not to break yur heart, but they end up doing it anyway♥