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Quotes by xo_mrsFlirt_21ox

Do you ever put your arms out
&&+_ just spin and spin and spin?
, that's what love is like.
Everything inside of you tells you
to stop before you fall
but you just keep going

someone sighn onto AIM
my heart races and I get
all excited because I
ALWAYS think it's you..
until I look and see that it's
just the same person AGAIN
that just can't seem to
make up their mind!!
I'm  just  sayingg...
(Fired Up
 If I could meet Taylor Swift,
I'd have one thing to tell her.
So Taylor, if you're reading this right now,
I just want to say thank you for saving my life.
Because with out be able to come home soaking wet,
after walking home in the poring rain,
make - up running down my face as I'm hysterically crying,
wishing that I could just end this nightmare also known as my life,
go upstairs to my room & slam my door closed,
grab my iPod & blast your music,
and know that there's some one out there
that understands exactly what I'm going through
because they've obviously gone through it before
since it seems like all thier songs describe my lifee..
I dont know what I'd do.
So yeah, Taylor if you're reading this, Thank you.
You don't know how much you mean to me .♥

I'm sick and tired of your additude
I'm      feeling    like   I  don't     know    you.
You  * tell  me *  that  *   you * love *  me ,
 [  [  
t  h  e  n    c  u  t    m  e    d  o  w  n  . ]  ]
I     need     you     like     a     heart     beat   ,
but you  k n o w  you got a m e a n  s t r e a k.
It makes me run for cover when you're around.
& & + h e r e ' s  t o  y o u and your t e m p e r
 Yes I remember what you said l  a  s  t   n i g h t .
I know, that you see, what you're doing to me

Tell me why. 

 + // Tell Me Why // +
I don't need cool fades 
or, fancy fonts
to show you how
much I love him.
All you have to do is
see the look in my eyes
the moment they meet his.
Now that's love.
I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did.
You  got   me   thinking   bout   our  life,
or how you kiss.  [(♥)]  Every morning, 
I   l o o k   a t   y o u  a n d  s m i l e .
 And  *  boy  *  you  *  came   * around.
&&+  y o u  k n o c k e d  m e  d o w n,

k n o c k e d    m e    d o w )

*//Knock You Down//*
-  K e r i ♥ H i l s o n

I always read about            that girl and guy
w h o  a l w a y s   l o v e d   e a c  h o t h e r   b u t
decided not to tell the other person, so the guy finally
asked out a n o t h e r girl that he knew l o v e d  him
but h e   d i d n t   l o v e.  I always thought, what a
 s t u p i d   g i r l,  why didnt she say anything?
Well guess what?//*~*/n o w  i  m  t h a t  
s t u p i d  g i r l who fell in love with that
stupid boy who a s k e d  o u t the girl
that l o v e d him instead of the
girl he loved. Now all i can
do is  s i t   hereand
w a t c h  h i m
s f  r,
f o r  
day that he'll realize she's a waste of time. and when he does..
 i'll be waiting righ here.