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Emilie Hacking!♥

Hey y'all. Emilie hurrrr. Wow, I'm so cool. ANYWAY. You've come across the Witty page of a miss Liv Rae D____. Well, obviously you've come across it, she's so Witty famous, everyone's seen her page. But that's not the point. The point is, Liv is my one of my best friends in the whole wide world. She's so amazing. She doesn't see it but she is. So many people hate her but she's absolutely flawless. In the eyes of her husband, anyway. (Oh yeah, I'm Liv's husband. Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I can't be a husband…) On 11.11.11, I proposed to her, and we're going to have the Wedding in June. It's a private wedding, sorry, you're not invited. She's my Witty Best Friend, but I don't feel right putting the "witty" in front, because honestly, we're closer than the average internet friends. We know everything about each other, lawls. She's mad cuz I'm cheating on her with Harry Styles &my other boyfriend, but she should know I love her most. She drove eight hours to see me… and a bunch of other people but I mean still. I'm her favorite<3 She's driving another eight hours to see me in June. And she's staying at my house for seven whole days. y0u w!$h y0u w3r3 m3. Kidding(: I call Liv, Liver and she calls me Emers. Woohoooo. Did you know that she's black? Jk, she's not black. Which means she can't listen to Mac Miller!!! Cuz that's just too black for Liv. When she comes in June, I'm pretty sure she's planning on slapping my ex-boyfriend, even though he's my boyfriend again. It'll be funny anyway. If you're reading this &you're not one of the 3800+ people following Liv, you should start following her. Okay? Okay good. Love you Liv, you're my wife, my best friend, my sister, all that jaazzz. And I love you, whoever you are reading this:) xoxox


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I OnlHave
 a few people that I actually                consider to be my friends.
 t h e    r e s t    a r e    j u s t     p e o p e     I     t a k     t o 


I promised you I wouldn't cut.
  I broke my promise. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

   I'm just a             depressed, lonely, empty, worthless, misunderstood mess        

This quote does not exist.

Mom: What's wrong?

My mind: I used to do so well in school, not anymore.
My mind: The people I call friends, aren't actually friends.
My mind: I'm constantly feeling alone.
My mind: I'm starting to look at myself differently.
My mind: Nothing feels the same anymore.
My mind: I feel like I'm going to fail at everything I do.
My mind: People call me ugly so much, I believe it now.
My mind: I feel like nobody cares about me.
My mind: I just want to sleep all day and never wake up.

Me:   Oh, nothing. I'm fine.


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This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

"your parents sound cool... I wanna meet them!" 
Yes, someone wrote this quote. Does it matter who? No. Does it matter why? Yes. I want you to look at yourself in the mirror. Feel your heart beating. Close your eyes. Listen to yourself breathe. Let me state the obvious here: You're human. You're alive. But let me add something else: You may be alive, but it doesn't mean your living. You only have one chance to be a teenager, to be a kid, to be you. You only live once. You've heard it everywhere, but it's true. Be wild. Be reckless. Go crazy. You only have one chance. Don't spend your days locked behind closed doors, building walls around yourself and blocking people out. Sure, we all have our bad days but sometimes we just have to put on our screw-you smiles and live. You're alive. Take advantage of that. Tomorrow is the past, today is the present.

Fairytales aren't real. But there's something about your smile that convinces me otherwise.