Status: high school is amazing. you'd think i would have met a guy that lives up to him. it's impossible.
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i suck at these so, here goes.
my name is amber.
i do stupid things.
i live with my headphones in and the volume up.
i will do anything for my friends. that means if you hurt them, i will hunt you down.
i really, really like someone who doesn't like me back.
i love to write.
i crave freedom.
i tend to overthink things.
and i'm trying to hold all of that together without sustaining severe injury.
welcome to my life.

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And there you sat. Completely silent, the usual spark in your eye dulled by some unknown force. I asked you what was wrong, to which you replied "nothing." But I've sat and watched nothing eat up words and break souls. I've watched it tear the smiles from the faces of the people around me, leaving them broken and hollow. Too many people have been taken by nothing. And I won't let you be one of them. I can't.


Me: Call my boyfriend.
Siri: Are you pregnant?
Siri, just call my boyfriend.
Siri: We don't need to involve him. This is your decision. I can take care of everything.
Me: Siri.
Siri: He doesn't need to know a thing. It can be like it never happened. Poof.

Plot Twist: People stop making plot twist quotes.
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How could you do this to me?
you found the thing that i love most. and you took it away.
i can't even live day to day, can't even eat without being in pain anymore, thanks to you.
so that's it. i'm done.
screw you, braces. if you're messing with my food, you're messing with me.

 You don't know perfection
Until you fall in love.

I stumbled across something that reminded me of him yesterday.
And then realized, I couldn't breathe. I examined his looped, perfect handwriting and signature at the bottom of the paper, not knowing how to feel. I began to feel a pain that I'd never felt before, somewhere that I knew I'd never reach.

It hurt.

If I've learned anything in the past school year, it's that anyone can fall in love. I don't think age matters, no matter what people say about horomones. Because, yeah, that can play a factor, but what matters is what YOU feel, not what the other people in your life think. At first I thought that it was impossible to love at such a young age (because I am definitely not naive), but there's no other way to explain the way I feel about him. Even if he doesn't feel the same.

Love can be crazy, and beautiful, and scary. But I think it's worth it. There is no way I would take back those hours we spent together, even though it ended in heartbreak for me.

Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
Because he drank his tea before it was cool.

On mknees
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| And out of luck, I look up...

Do cats worry about
having to live with socially awkward teenagers?