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i suck at these so, here goes.
my name is amber.
i do stupid things.
i live with my headphones in and the volume up.
i will do anything for my friends. that means if you hurt them, i will hunt you down.
i really, really like someone who doesn't like me back.
i love to write.
i crave freedom.
i tend to overthink things.
and i'm trying to hold all of that together without sustaining severe injury.
welcome to my life.

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I think every person you

meet, you fall in love with.

Just a little bit.
And a piece of them always stays with you.

So overtime, you collect people, and maybe you don't remember every single one, but that doesn't mean that they haven't affected you.

For better or for worse,
they changed you.



*listening to Shut Up And Drive by Rihanna in the car*

Mom: I like this song!What is it called?
Me: Shut up and drive.
Mom: Excuse me?!?




seeing all these quotes that say,

"<3 if you miss these shows from Disney Channel, Nickolodeon, Cartoon Network "

and I'm like,

I wasn't allowed to watch anything but PBS Kids until I was 11 soo...

Here's to the kids who watched:
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Dragon Tales
Word Girl
And you know, I've been through
a lot in the past six days,
five minutes,and-a-half seconds.
And if I've learned anything
during that time,
it's that you are who you are.
And no amount of mermaid magic
...or managerial promotion
...or some other third thing...
...can make me anything more
than what I really am inside:
A kid.
I made it to Shell City,
and I beat the Cyclops
and I rode the Hasselhoff,
and I brought the crown back.
So, yeah, I'm a kid.
And I'm also a goofball.
And a wing nut
And a Knucklehead McSpazatron!
But most of all, I'm..., I'm..., I'm
I'm a Goofy Goober!!!

I never really realized

How much I like you until

I started to notice every little detail about you

like the way you
look at me

or the way your voice sounds
when you say my name

or that smile you do when you're about to
cause trouble

&that look in your eyes that only I seem to notice

&the way youre different from the others

like that.

my quotee
half my format

Why I Love Tom Daley:

oh, cool.  Another gold meda

China: BOOO we no get gold!

This quote does not exist.
hey bro

broseidon, god of the brocean
brotato chip
brotein shake
brosef stalin
barack brobama
teddy brosevelt
don quibrote
adrien brody
gallilebro gallilei
napoleon bronaparte
brobo cop
leonardo dicapribro
broseph mengele
 bro nye the science guy
selena bromez
broey deschanel
 bro dimaggio
wolfgang amadaeus brozart
brohemian rhapsody
osama bro laden
mighty bro
young brodo the hobbit bro
broprah winfrey
broby dick
abroham lincoln.