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When I was younger,
I used to be scared of the monsters that were under my bed,
but there was really no monsters under my bed.
It was always inside my head.
Yelling and screaming at me.
and it's not going away anytime soon.
                         All of these feelings are coming back again,
             the feelings of being in a crowded room but feeling so alone.
                                               So out of place.
                           The feelings where I can't stop myself.
           My thoughts are all over the place and I can't think properly.
                                      I can't do this anymore.
Oh yes the past can hurt but you can either run
from it or learn from it.

-Lion King

 On Wednesday a sophomore from my school, that I've known since I was in 1st grade, passed away from a brain tumor. He was strong for 19 months. Everyone loves and misses you Devon. Fly High Superman. Believe in #15.

rest in peace <3

gone but never forgotten 

Also, Rest In Peace to the other 3 students who have passed away in my school district,
RIP Kyle,
RIP Tyler,
RIP Olivia,

RIP Chris and Deanna,


Rest In Peace for all those lives taken in Newtown.

Ohana means family, family

means  nobody gets left behind. 

 Or forgotten.

I wonder
if you think about all the times you screwed me over. 
I always wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you.
I'm honestly scared to fall for you. 
When I first fell for him, he was a very good friend of mine. But that's how it starts.
I fall for a guy, who happens to always end up being one of my good guy friends, and they screw me over.
Pretend to like me, argue with me, and I'm always left heartbroken.
I'm scared to trust most people.
I just want a guy to be, in my own words, my prince charming.
Someone who will make me laugh when I cry, who will take care of me when i'm hurt or sad, will always be there for me.
Won't use me and will be respectful and honest.
But i'm starting to belive that doesn't exist anymore.
I'm so scared of being alone.

Deleting old textfroyou ipretty
much deleteing every memory I had of you. From the good ones to the bad ones.
Mostly bad though. I'm glad I did it though, it felt good and I feel free. You're not holding me down anymore.

I've finally moved on.


You screwed me over
yet again.

        You completely tore my heart
                 out of my chest,