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I sleep too much.
Parent's complain.
Don't get enough sleep.
Parent's complain.
I eat too much.
Parent's complain.
I don't eat enough.
Parent's complain.
I'm always in my room.
Parent's complain.
I go out too much.
Parent's complain.
I just can't win.

o i  changed ?
Boy, you made me this way.

 i       t   h   o   u   g   h   t       w   e       w   e   r   e       b   e   s   t       f   r   i   e   n   d   s   .   .
 But how does that work when;
You only spoke to me when you had to,
You only told me things when I asked,
You were only there for me when I called,
Oh wait, that's right..
you weren't there for me at all.


i tried to send you 
.: something  s e x y ,  but the mailman made me get out of the mailbox.  :.


Demi Lovato donated $600,000,
       Justin Bieber donated$1,000,000,
            Miley Cyrus donated $5,000,000,
                 Lady GaGa donated $15,000,000,
                    Britney Spears donated $60,000,000,
                        Jonas Brothers donated $70,000,000,
                             & Taylor Swift donated $100,000,000 
to Japan

*you may not like their music, but these people are heroes*

u' e  r o en

the one girl who was
always there for you.
do you want a trophy?
I'll engrave your name
on it just like I did with
my now shattered heart




who ignores the dress code completely. 


Sometimes he makes me so mad.
He tells about all the girls he likes, but continues to flirt with me.
He is so immature and perverted,   but yet he's always on my mind.

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