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hey leave me comments!! o yeah that "smile like you mean it" quote didnt turn out right!! well im me if you have any requests.

Quotes by xoashley59ox

i know this >hurts<...it was m.e.a.n.t. to
your secret*s o u t and the BEST part is,
it isn*t even a *good* one,
and it*s mind over ((you dont, dont)) matter. fob*
gorgeous eyes with
a gorgeous smile
he made her life worth while
a broken soul and
a broken heart
the day he made her world
fall apart </3

smile: italics,pink
broken: bold
heart: underline, pink
</3: pink
                      S  S                                    L
                    S        S                                L
                  S                                     III   L
                      S                                        L                 EEEE
                          S        M           M     I    L               E         E
                              S    MM    MM     I    L               EEEEEE
                               S   M    M    M    I     L              E 
                S             S  M             M   I     L              E            E
                  S   S  S      M             M   I     LLLLLL  EEEEEE
                                                                                                       Like you mean it!