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Babby, cant you see I love youu? Im the type of girl who will always put up a fight, you put me down to my lowest point, ill use it to help me get to my highest point! I never lived the easiest life growing up but it brought me to be the girl I am today. Never regret anything because it brought you to the point where you are today<3

Quotes by xobabbyxx

and the story of us looks alot like a tragedy now....

no matter how close
with are with a guy
they will screw you other 
in the end.

out of all the things you could have done you pick this.</3

and i thought i could trust you with anything....

never text a girl something sweet, 

while shes playingg


its been a while since ive seen your face..

what if ;
you could go back in time.

soo you give me a necklace, tell me you love me..
but tell me not to tell anyone you gave me it ..?


why cant you just prove
to me that im worth it 
thats all i ever asked for

That AKWARD moment 
when you trust someone
and they break it.

It's funny how i thought i needed you 
when in reality you were the
last thing i needed.