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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever

I am a silly and random girl that runs up the stairs like a four legged animal. Don't mess with me cause I got plenty of friends that will DESTROY you
Get On My Level





the whole 14U hurricane softball team

you have something to say, say it to my face
talk about my friends, sleep with one eye open O.o

nick saulen, & zac morris; the only boys that are always there for me no matter what.

i hate how people think that if you talk to a boy; your flirting, get it straight.. they create less drama then you.
but the worst part is when you start to fall for them.
text & think about them 24/7, but then theres that slut that is always in the way of everything.
i hate drama, so dont create it.
warning; dont start a fight with me, i wil always win & have the last word.
i dont make mistakes, i date them.

keep your head up


candles blown out on march 3rd.
you will find me on the computer, eating, & doing what i love best; softball.
i breathe softball, always have, always will.


~dont stand in my way cause im not afraid to knock you down~
things you should know;
i overeact ALOT.
get jealous wicked easily
hold grudges
usually always faking a smile
thats me, brookeashleymurphy<3
don't judge me until you know my story.