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*You are loved and you're beautiful.

Yes, YOU!*


My name is Charlotte and I come from Boston, MA. You can call me Charlotte, Carly, Lottie, or anything that floats your boat. I was brought into this world July 21st, 1998, so that makes me 15 years old. I like to write,. run, and spend time with my friends and family. I also really love music, like One Direction, Eminem, Emblem3, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tyler The Creator, and a ton more. I'm very friendly, so come talk to me:) xo
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Its been a year since our last kiss;
and I still think about you everyday like it was just yesterday
Right Person, Wrong Time.
Wrong Person, Right Time.

am proutsay
that I am happy without you.

I love how the dentist expects me to have a full-out conversation with them when they have seven different needles in my mouth at once.
May 13th already?

Happy Mother's Day

I love you Mom 
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High School Changes


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the goal ilife
isn't to live forever
it's to create something that will

the girl

I was on the night that you found me.

i just love those weekends where you don't do anything. oh wait, that's every weekened. 
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