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*You are loved and you're beautiful.

Yes, YOU!*


My name is Charlotte and I come from Boston, MA. You can call me Charlotte, Carly, Lottie, or anything that floats your boat. I was brought into this world July 21st, 1998, so that makes me 15 years old. I like to write,. run, and spend time with my friends and family. I also really love music, like One Direction, Eminem, Emblem3, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tyler The Creator, and a ton more. I'm very friendly, so come talk to me:) xo
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Hi, I'm sorry.

 Error. The girl you have texted does not wish to speak with you anymore. She's finally happy. She's finally moved on. Please don't try again later.

&  I T  S U C K S   K N O W I N G 
one day I'll wake up
and everything will be different                   // 



Summer 2012 Bucket List 
1. Go to a amusement park 
2. Go to the beach
3. Take 200 pictures and post all of them
4. Have a Lemonade Stand
5. Shopping Sphere
6. Kiss someone
7. Make a soundtrack for this Summer
8. Throw an amazing party
9. Have a picnic
10. Have a fire

11. Movie Marathon
12. Make a One Direction collage
13. Bake something from Scratch
14. Go to Build-A-Bear with my best friend
15. Have a Spa Day
16. A week without Makeup

I didn't get to do all of them, but Summer was one hell of a good time this year. Hate to see it end<3


Liam  James Payne


11:11 Hmm.. I wish for some money, a cure for cancer, a pony, a - 11:12 I WASN'T DONE
ahh i start high school in ten hours... wish me luck.



  I don't believe 

    that anybody

  Feels  the way
               I D O     +///+                  

          About  you now




                                                 S A Y T H A T Y O U M I S S M E                    [x[x

tell me what 
 i wanna hear
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agh, where did summer go? asdfghjkl;

     I wonder if you ever stop and think
        "Damn, I miss her."}  


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