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I'm Emily.
There's nothing about me that you
couldn't find out by getting to know me.
So.. do it.

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No Regrets,
  ♥           J u s t Love.

I believe
that every girl deserves that special guy.
Someone who will make her actually feel beautiful.
Someone who uncovers what's underneath the fake act she puts on to impress people.
Someone who accepts her just as she is.
Someone who will fall in love with her.
Someone who will forgive all of her mistakes
Someone who sees her as perfect, because he loves all her imperfections.
Someone who brags about her to his friends,
and not about how far they've gone, or how "hot" she is.
Someone who would do anything for her.
Someone who isn't afraid to stand up for her, even if it's to his own best friend.
Someone who will hold her when she's cold, and visit her when she's sick.
Someone who will talk to her every single chance he gets.
Someone who will prove to her that love is real, and never break her heart.
I believe
that every girl deserves that special guy.


please don't forget me.
i promise i won't forget you, and that's a promise i know i can keep. you can forget what you even loved about me, forget everything i told you, forget all our plans for the future, forget the late-night texting and phone calls, forget the random 'i love you's. just don't forget me, or what we had. because for a time, although shorter than expected, it was real.          there's one thing that can't be denied.

& honestly,
 i have one thing to say to you.
no fancy poems.
no long stories.
no secret letters.
just one sentence.

i love you.

like fingerprints, are slowly erased.

They say a picture is worth
a thousand words.
But when I see yours, I'm

well i was just sitting there. the rain was pouring down, and i was crying.
it was freezing cold, so cold i was numb. but i didn't care anymore.
i didn't care about anything anymore, except you.
replaying all our old memories in my head,
i was sure you didn't remember any of them.
then suddenly i felt your strong,
warm arms wrapping around my shoulders.
as i looked up, you kissed my forehead.
sitting next to me,you wiped my tears from my eyes.
you told me i was beautiful and that you loved me.
you told me how much you missed me
and how stupid you were for letting me go.
you told me i was nothing short of perfection,
and you were the luckiest person alive to have me.
i fell apart completely in your arms.
just like before, you held me while i cried,
melting all my problems go away.
you held my head up and kissed me.
one of those kisses that makes your heart skip beats.
then whispered in my ear "i love you forever".
---> t h e n  i  w o k e  u p .

It's your laugh and your smile.
It's the way you make me feel.
It's the way you can always make me happy.
It's the way you hold me and the way you kiss me.
It's the way you tease me and mock me.
It's the way you look at me and the way you talk to me.
It's the way your eyes light up when you see me.
It's the way you love me.

And I couldn't ask for more.
I'd hug you
 - kiss you -
make sure you know that
I love you.

not pretty
but whatever.