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Yeah, I'm leaving again.  Sorry.  Just wanted to let you know...I don't know, whatever.  If you want to talk to me or something...mishacollinshasthephonebox.tumblr.com.  Only if I know you, please.  Like, if you're one of my old friends or something.  idek.  I come on here every couple months to see if anyone comments on anything.  No one does.  So oh well.

Quotes by xoemmettcullenxo

or, the day the doctor who fandom went insane.


are cool. 

& words can't describe
how beautiful you are

this site makes me feel old.
i was here when there were, like, 2,000 people on the site.  everybody knew each other.  it was like a little town, but with a heck of a lot of beatdown on dear old Steve (is he still here? Steve is still the big cheese, right?  'cuz Steve was cool.  i am sorry about that whole rant thing, b-t-dub... ).  then i kind of ran away... then i came back... and there's like 17,000 people.  holy crap.  and there's like, a new layout.  i remember when everyone flipped because when they scrolled over a button, it turned uber-yellow and hurt people's eyes.  and, like... jockers... and yeah xD i mean, there's probably still jockers and everything, but.  y'know.  i'll just jaunt on over to Steve's page and see who everyone's complaining about.
anyway.  yeah.  thanks for reading this epic-fail post.

You Can Have All The Faith You Want

in spirits and the afterlifeheaven and hell.  But when it comes to this world,
don't be an idiot.  Because you can tell me that you put your faith in God to 

get you through the day, but when it comes to crossing the road

I know you'll look both ways.

--Gregory House

i just realized something.
i know why bella hates going to forks so much.
in washington, lollipops in any way, shape, or form are banned.


in natoma, kansas,
it's against the law to practice knife-throwing at men wearing pinstripe suits.


there's a PARTY in my tummy!
so yummy.  so yummy!