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Yeah, I'm leaving again.  Sorry.  Just wanted to let you know...I don't know, whatever.  If you want to talk to me or something...mishacollinshasthephonebox.tumblr.com.  Only if I know you, please.  Like, if you're one of my old friends or something.  idek.  I come on here every couple months to see if anyone comments on anything.  No one does.  So oh well.

Quotes by xoemmettcullenxo

when things get rough
he just hides behind his buffy
now look he's gettin' huffy
cuz he knows that i know

--i'll never tell, buffy the vampire slayer: once more, with feeling
If there's one thing that I've learned in all my years on this earth,
it's that there's always something to live for.
Maybe you just haven't found that something yet.
and i, my friend,
i gamble with kittens.
he goes by many names.
william the bloody.
blondie bear.
but he's most know as
you know that feeling?
being breathless;
sweat pours down your face.
the crowd yells as your team wins.
i love that feeling.
i believe, i believe in love
and like the stars above, they shine, let it shine over me.
set me free, i believe in you and that
our love is true
oh, oh, oh,
i believe

--i believe by tata young
you ruined my morning.
i was all set to deal with not being with you.  i was going to hang with my friends; to get over you.  my heart wasn't broken - obviously it was just a crush, but it still dissappointed me.  my friends told me you weren't worth it, and you weren't.  i mean, i'm sure you'll be worth it for some girl someday that will love you, but that girl isn't me.  it never will be me.  you said that you hoped we could still be friends, and i thought we could.  after all, it's like i said, it was just a crush - nothing that should really be life-changing.  you weren't my first kiss; you probably won't be my last, either.  the average person spends two weeks of their life kissing, right?  but what did you go and do, to screw it all up?
you came back.
ladies, let's be rebellious.
read the vampire diaries.
watch buffy the vampire slayer instead of twilight tributes.
listen to songs not on the twilight movie album.
concentrate on schoolwork instead of glittery vampires.
in short,
get a life.
a m i t a  t a t a  y o u n g
"i believe" album
I don't understand why, when a boy doesn't like you, people say "oh, it's not you, it's him."
Well, it is you.
Not everyone in life will like you.  It's the way it is.
It's not your fault that you have qualities that he doesn't like.
But that doesn't mean that the problem is him.
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