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Yeah, I'm leaving again.  Sorry.  Just wanted to let you know...I don't know, whatever.  If you want to talk to me or something...mishacollinshasthephonebox.tumblr.com.  Only if I know you, please.  Like, if you're one of my old friends or something.  idek.  I come on here every couple months to see if anyone comments on anything.  No one does.  So oh well.

Quotes by xoemmettcullenxo

Vampire Questions.
(Based on vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
1. If a human and a demon are living together in an apartment, can a vampire enter that apartment?
2. If a Slayer turns into a vampire, what happens to her powers?
3. Is it possible for a human to bite a vampire and turn the vampire into a human?
4. Who is really stronger - a vampire because they actually work out, or humans if they actually excercised?
I am running out of quote ideas, so this is why i'm putting up this one... 
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What the HECK do they say at the end of the new Reese's Puffs commercial??
I think
sodium meatball
'Your word is rockstare.'
'Definition please?'
'It's that look you get when you dress like you're about six!'
'These jeans make me look like a rhinestoney princess!!!!!!!'
'You put the 'stair' in rockstare - I will PUSH YOU DOWN THE STAIRS.'
'Dude.  Are you ROCKSTARING at me?!?!?!!?'
'...psh, I'm not gay...'
t h a t ' s  r i g h t
(imma flippin' gangster)
( i have acquired the spaceship )
i know your type.
( boy, you're dangerous )
the kind of a boy
( i'd be stupid to trust )
but just one night
( couldn't be so wrong )

--Good Girls Go Bad; Cobra Starship

_its_contest_timex3 contest for summah
the trouble with growing up
is that you've had so many different impressions of life as a kid.  you've seen lizzie mcguire, which leads you to think that middle school is going to revolve around the hot blonde-haired guy and the only hardships are when the popular girl is your partner for a science project; there are the teen magazines that lead you to think that zac efron's new haircut is a more pressing issue that the environment or the economy; the infatuations and crushes that impact your life - distract you from your grades, your friends, your family, all the things that really matter.  and yet, all we want is
to grow up.
Vannessa Anne Efron
( that's right; they're engaged. )
people make
what they think is the right
desicion.  they will do what
they think is right.  it may
 not be the correct path to
follow, but when you're
watching them screw up,
remember the last time
that you made a bad desicion.
and always remember--
people do what they think is right.
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