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Quotes by xoericaaxo

A form of amnesia when a girl forgets that there are 1.2 million other guys in the world.

Every girl has three guys in her life.
The one she loves
The one she hates
and the one she can't live without.
And in the end,

They are all the same guy

Lets play truth or dare.

Or maybe just dare.

Because no one knows

how to tell the truth anymore

marissa123 format.


is not defined
by the size of 

your jeans.


Stop wishing for sunshine
and start playing in the rain

Who's shawty?
Cause apparently she has alot of rapper boyfriends

 Find a guy who doesn't break your heart
Is there an app for that?



You always knew how to make me laugh

Our conversations were the best.
you were always the first one to make me smile.
You were probably the most random person I knew.
But you were my best friend.
My partner in crime.
My other half
But then you committed suicide.
And I've never missed you so much.
I love you boo, watch over us in heaven♥

Rest in peace Haylee♥

My   best   friend   is   a bout   to   commit   suicide.
She feels like no one would care.
Im not doing this for faves,
but please fave this to show that you would care.
I would miss her to much.