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About Me
My name is summer
You'll never quite be able to understand me, no one does..

Someday I want to change the world.
I like to write a lot, so don’t be surprised if I write novels to you haha (:
I love when people comment on my quotes, it makes me feel appreciated.

I love making new friends, so you can comment on my page if ya want!
I absolutely love when people follow me, it makes my day (:
I live to inspire. & Will keep living like that for my entire life.
I want you to be happy, because you deserve to be
But happiness begins with you.

I have like 500 comments to respond to..I DECIDED THAT I'M GOING TO RESPOND TO THEM ALL, RIGHT NOW. TODAY. :)

I just got a facebook for only my witty friends so you should add me :) http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002095070883

Check out my quotes! :) 

Thanks for visiting my page beautiful!(

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Quotes by xoeveryonesbeautifulxo

Yes I'd love to have hair that fell exactly into place.
Yes I'd love to have a body that both I and everyone else loved.
Yes I'd love to have no worries & to feel loved all the time.
Yes I'd love to have it all. I'd love to be perfect.

But does perfect exist?
Perfect exists in coloring within the lines in a coloring book.

Other than that, perfect is beyond the bounds of possibility.
There is NO perfect. In relation with human beings, it's impossible.
It's so impractical that so many of us long aspire to be "perfect."


Perfect absolutely does not exist.

What is a stomach?
A stomach is an organ for storing, diluting, and digesting food.
 We need food to live.
So your stomach is not going to be perfectly flat.
Is that so bad? 
No. Its actually quite healthy to have a stomach. Most people have one.
Don't criticize yourself if your stomachs not the perfect size.
There is no perfect size

 Accept yourself
Your flaws are beautiful
Your personality is irreplaceable
You light up this world
Be yourself. Let your inner self shine.
There could never be a more beautiful you.
Love yourself ♥ 


If you knew this girl you’d see that she’s not what she appears
You’d find that she strives to fit this unattainable image of perfect.
You’d find that she doesn’t feel confident about herself and just wants to fit in.
You’d find her inner beauty and that’s she’s beautiful on the outside too.
Tell this girl that she doesn’t need to adjust her personality or her looks to be “perfect.”
Tell her that that she should be confident and proud of what she has become.
Tell her that she’s beautiful.
Look in the mirror girls.
Tell her. 

Hi Beautiful
I love you. Every single thing about you.
I love your smile, your hair, your eyes.

I love your courage, your humor, your kindness.
I think you’re an incredible, amazing, strong, individual.
Now that I know all this why don’t you go and prove yourself to everyone else so they can know how amazing you are too! 

Everyone has flaws, but flaws are nature’s way of making you unique.
Imperfection truly is beautiful.
It’s so hard to accept our flaws.
Society these days makes everything so tough.
Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others; you are so special the just as you are.
If god wanted you to look like all those other girls then he would’ve made you like them.
But most importantly, he didn’t, he made you, you! & that’s what the fantastic part is!
There’s no one out there like you.
You’re your own person, and don’t let others define you!
You need to walk around knowing you’re beautiful because you are.
You need to understand that there is no definition or beauty.
All those magazines with the “perfect hair, perfect skin, the straightest teeth, or the best body,” is absolutely ridiculous.
There’s always been that image of a “perfect” girl.
Media pressures us into thinking that to be pretty you have to fit all those categories.
I promise you that society’s definitions of beauty are not true what so ever.
You’re so beautiful, don’t ever ever forget it! ♥ 

Don’t give someone the satisfaction of putting you down, when you know that you are beautiful. When you know that you are funny. When you know that you are strong. When you know that you’re so much better than them. Instead make them regret ever opening their mouths. Prove to them that you know that you’re beautiful, and you’ll never let anyone change your mind. 

Love you witty girls<3 you're all beautiful!

Media is always talking about having a “bikini body,” straight pearly white teeth, all

“in style” clothes, wearing all of the  newest  makeup, and having the  perfect


And what if I don’t weigh less than 100 lbs? So what if I have braces? So what if my style is

different from everyone else? So what if I don’t wear makeup? So what if I’ve never had a



I’m still beautiful.
& guess what?  There’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.A Thumbs up or a “you can do it.” The smallest bit of encouragement   can affect someone in such a positive way. So inspire   those around you. Tell     someone that they can accomplish their dreams. Help people find the confidence within them. You never know how far even just a smile can go. :)
I’m going to hold my head up high when things aren’t always going well. I’m going smile when I really can’t find any reason to be happy. I’m going to lend a hand to those who need me, even though it’s me who really needs help. And one day, I’m going to somehow find a way to escape everything, and in the end I will be the strong, confident, beautiful, intelligent, individual that I’ve always wanted to be. It won’t happen overnight, but with faith in me i t  w i l l  h a p p e n .