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the name happens to be gabby. writing just so happens to be my passion.(: i lovee this site, mostly to read & rate but i have a few quotes too. im a very athletic person: i play varsity soccer, two basketball teams (varsity & travel) and two softball teams (school & summer). i am a very big fan of wrestling! so i managae that tooo. i get all A's, so you can call me a suck up if you want. i could really care less what people think about me. i am strongly against bullying & racism. im friends with pretty much anyone. outgoing is one of my best characteristics. i have the sweetest boyfriend in the universe. brady is my bestfriend and basically my world. ILOVEYOU. my touch is always in the back pocket of my jeans.. which means i live for music. i love to talk, text and IM. thats me.. leave a comment<3(: 

Quotes by xogabxo

fairy tales aren't just about finding handsome princes.
they're about fulfilling your dreams   & about standing
up for what you believe in.         -acinderellastory. <3

guilty. <3[: 
i spend half the night here on witty. browsing
through quotes. listening to all that good love
music    & changing my buddy info about  ten
million different times. but the worse part is ;
the entire time im thinking about him...    <3.

but hey, i doubt im the only one(: 
     &  she is completely  in love with  you.
     you  can  make  her  day;      and  even
     manage to ruin it. but thats okay with
     her.     she is willing to risk everything
     just to have you.    all she wants is for
     you to be happy. whether its with her
     or not.                                 <3 iloveyou.
 noah & allie.
& bella.
& wilma.
& juliet.
& topanga.
& eve.
& jane.
     you & me.
robert pattinson.
its funny how this man can appear as a
wizard in harry potter and not be noticed
at all. &+ then appear in a vampire love
story and become uber famous.
<3edward cullen.

- just wanted to put this out there.
its not always going to be this way.
so, just wait. hold on for the ride.
and have faith. <3

                      she wants to tell you everything;
                              let it all come out of herr. she wants to tell you how its
                              all been lately, how everything makes her feel. like
                              how one second you can make her day and the next
                              completely destroy it. or how she hates it when people
                              tell her to get over you; move on. that idiot who keeps
                              making up crap about her and how all of its fakee.
                              but most of all.. she wants to tell you all of this and she
                              wants you to understand her & care.       xoxo

&+ i hate this feeling in the bottom of my heart,
the one where i know your there.. i just can't
seem to have youu. <3
i wanna love like johnny and junee. <3
lovee. its never gonna just happen to you.
even if it comes at you easilyy; obivously
its not always going to be that way. some
times breaking & falling as much as you
dont want to can make you that much
strongerr. and when the real pain comes
you'll be ready and prepared for it. 'cause
guess what? these are no where near
the best times of your lifeee.    <3(: