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Quotes by xohey_there_cutiexo

let's have some fun
this beat is sick
i wanna take a ride
on your disco stickk. 

because these words were never easier
for me to say (or him to second guess)
but i guess...

that i can live without you
but (without you
i'll be

miserable ..
.at best 

lets not pretend like you're alone tonight
i know he's there and
you're probably hanging out and making eyes
while across the room he stares
i bet he gets the nerve to walk the floor
& ask my girl to dance, she'll say

because these words were never easier for me to say 
or her to second guess
but I guess,

that I can live without you but
without you I'll be miserable at best
okay so there's this guy...
i really really like him. hes in my group of friends, but everybody in my grade likes him, so im not sure if i have a chance with him or not, he texts me late at night and when hes with his friends he calls me, hes super hot. he calls me a babe but im not sure if he calls other girls that too, my best friend is really good friends with him and she keeps telling me that he likes me but im still not sure, hes so funny and sweet and nice but im just not sure if he likes me, i really really want him to like me, i think he was gonna ask me out at a party a couple nights ago but i think he chickened out, i love him so much and i want him so bad, hes  just so damn hot and ohmygod hes just so amazing and i want him to think im amazing too.


hey kiddo,
---> i 'm kind of deeply in love with you

          [is that okay?]

so if i get a little crazy, look a little spacey,
blowing kisses your way,
will you think i'm okay?
set the sun on fire, scream a little higher,
hold you in the moonlight,
i say yeah
if you say

 i gotta feeling
that tonight's gonna be a
 good night.

[that's my theme song for
whenever i go to hang out with him.]

let's have some fun
this beat is sick
i wanna take a ride
on your disco stickk.
i wonder if there are any guys on witty...
let's find outt. :]

♥ if you're a girl
[comment] if you're a guy
It's getting hard to
Be around you
Theres so much i can't say
Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other way?