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Quotes by xohollisterchickyxo

dear john,
i  s e e  i t  a l l  n o w  t h a t  y o u ' r e  g o n e

don't you think i was too young
to be messed with.
the girl in the dress
cried the whole way home
i should've known
well maybe it's me
and my blind optimism to blame,
or maybe it's you and your sick need
to give love and take it away.


Not mine. I just love it

honey don't even bother
texting him tonight. you know hes out with his friends. well that's what you want to think. the truth?
- he's talking to her.

credit to KrystalKastles for the formatt



..i was looking at our friendship history on facebook. today, i got angry. today, i deleted all posts between us. today, i removed you as my brother. today, i cried because i missed how we used to be.
i'll regret it

i remember
when we were little,

                              i visited you.

                              you lived 8 hours away..       

we went and jumped on your trampoline.

just the two of us.. when my brother came

over to tell me that it was time to go, you

grabbed my hand held on tight,


                           &&ran so i 
have to leave.

                           i let go. now i wish
i hadn't.



When  You Don't   answer?
  you make me feel worthless. stupid. naive. u.g.l.y. you make me feel exactly like i did with my ex-HIM
but when you do answer.. |  i t s l i k e a r u s h.  | unexplainable
drugs without the consequences. you make me want to throw you off a bridge. and then jump down after you, because i couldn't live without..



i'm not perfect..
but neither is he.. although together.. we just might be..♥

all i want is for you to
notice me just like i notice...



he called her up
and asked where she was,

"where am i?" she screamed. "im at home. im NOT the one who walked away!"  
and THAT is when he realized that he had made a big mistake..
i learned
from my friends that without
friends one would die

if you could wish me away
would you??