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hey my names lauren!:]  i'm your typical teenager, way too much drama..all that crap. but heres more interesting stuff!! i have brown curly hair with brown eyes (boring let me tell you) .i get over it though! (i absolutely have to have my nails painted at all times. i love soccer, basketball, and lax and i like to text..especially boys! (awh come on who doesnt?:])  and i love to write homerun! i dedicate most of my freetime to it! i can be hyper. and i get down on myself easily.  my favorite color is purple and i have my bestie meggles who i can't live without!! some things that bother me are mean people/rude people/perfectionists.  i don't like jockers.  i love twilight, but if you don't thats okay, because i think everyone's entitled to an opinion and i don't like to tell my friends about witty because i just feel like no one can judge me here, and i like to make friends on witty.  so if you want to talk. i would love too!! *more in interesting facts!
these are some of my fave things!
color: purple
movie (other than twilght and new moon): p.s. i love you
song (right now): one less lonely girl, baby it's you, your guardian angel.
actor: rob pattinson (obviously)
actress: ashley greene
singers: jonas brothers, the fray, ne-yo
book: the twilight saga (i can't just pick one)
tv show: it's on with alexa chung. phinease and ferb(:
i would love to do requests for anyone! just include your colors and whatever you want in the quote.  you can be as specific or careless as you want! it shouldn't take that long. but just leave comments!
i just want to say thanks sooo much to all my supporterss! i love you all so much! i hate to say it, but i'm going to be drawing my story to a close, but i will be starting a new one.  i just can't think of anything new for devon and pat to do that won't be copying someone else.  but no need to worry, i will be starting a new one momentarily, it's just schools soo annoying, i can't write anymore. i'll try to keep you all posted ! (:

check out my new mini series started to wait for "the darkest hour." it's called "down to earth."
journal (:
i'm gonna write about my life.  feel free to read! (:
january 3, 2010
i've been vidchatting a lot on my new laptop (: with kids who will remain anonymous.  but they're seniors, omg! haha i like the one, but seniors? idk i'm not that crazy.  we'll see. if i can stay good friends with him, this might work.

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this ones for the girls, whos ever had a broken heart.
i know you still love him. i know you read locked texted messages.
i know you want to go to school telling everyone your over him.
i know you wait by your phone. i know you get excited when it rings.
i know you cry. i know you cry that it hurts too much. i know you
listen to the saddest songs. all the breakup songs. i know you
spend another hour in the morning just incase you run to him.
i know you're on AIM just hoping he would sign in and talk to you.
i know if both of you are on, you just wait there. block everyones
IMs. I know you want to yell at him for everything he did.
i know you dream and think that things will get better and he
would apologize and youd forgive him. i know you read
all his i loveyous. his i miss yous. everything. i know you
wouldnt compare him to any other guy. you just think hes yours.
i know you cant imagine him with anyone else. i know you cant
imagine yourself with anyone either. i know you come to witty.
i know you just cry yourself to sleep. i know. trust me. this
is my life story. im in this big mess. that i dont need.
but heres the thing. listen to me. & listen. you need to hear this..
he doesnt love you anymore.. he erased those text messages from you
much too long ago. he goes to school telling everyone hes done with you
and means it. he couldnt care less if his phones ring. hes a boy. he
does not cry. he laughs. hes not hurt at all. he goes on aim to talk
to his buddies. he doesnt listen to break up songs. he listens to whatevers
on. again, hes a boy. he doesnt care about you anymore. he doesnt care if
he sees you again. he wont aplogize because hes stuborn. he has non
of your messages. he didnt get those butterflies when you said you loved him
unlike you, you got those butterflies. he compares you. to all the girls.
hes always imagining himself with somebody else. someone  better..
he has no effin clue what witty is, i guarentee that. but do not let this
ruin you. in time, things will get better. already, youre slowly forgetting him.
youre better than him. you dont need him. dont spend a second worrying about
someone who doesnt love you anymore, or never did. its not worth it. because
later on, you will find a boy, who would never do such a thing to you. and you
will question yourself about him. so keep your head high. and show them teeth and smile. because sweetheart, you deserve to.

[oh-em-gee. has to be my fave quote of all time! made by _justaprettymess. thank you for this beautiful piece of quote-ature.  i legit cried when i read this!]

Okay, I'll Admit It.
i'm far from perfect.
i play basketball, instead of being a cheerleader.
i'm not the thinnest i could be,
but i'm not fat.
I'm not breathtakingly beautiful.
I act stupid and crazy to get guys to
notice me.
I talk about people behind their backs
sometimes, and always regret it.
I laugh at things that aren't funny.
I fall for any boy i think
i might have a chance with.
I occasionally cry and listen to Taylor Swift,
although i'd never admit it outloud.
I hate my family sometimes.
My friends don't belive me any more; can i blame them?
friend, daughter, girlfriend, teammate;
i'll admit i'm not worth it

one day your gonna want that girl. the girl who knew she wasnt perfect, but tried to be perfect for you. the girl that believed the scraps of you that were given were worth it, because something was better than nothing. the girl that wanted nothing more than to be there for you, and loving you was the only way she could. the girl who sees your flaws but values them as much as your strengths. the girl who still cant bring herself to hate you, even though sometimes you probably deserve it. the girl that who saw past your pretty eyes and treasured parts of you no one else has ever appreciated. the girl who realizes she may never have your heart, but will carry the image of you in her forever. the girl that saw all this and still loved you. the girl who finally gave up, just like you told her too. the girl that doesn't even think she deserves you. the girl that should have you, but doesn't.

I'd rather die tomorrow than live
a hundred years
without knowing you.

The worst thing is loving someone_*
when you know you shouldn't anymore
It's caring about someone, wondering
how they are and what they're up to when
the truth is they've stopped wondering
about you a long time ago. The worst
thing is remembering every single detail
of your relationship when he's obviously
long forgotten about you. The worst thing
is missing him so much when he doesn't
even realize you're gone, the worst thing
is feeling the same as you ever did,
knowing you shouldn't,
Because he doesn't anymore.

"shhhh," she said. "i'm sleeping." just like that.
from a hundred miles an hour to asleep in a
nanosecond. i wanted so badly to lie down next
to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around
her and sleep. not fuck, like in those movies.
not even have sex. just sleep together, in the
most innocent sense of the phrase. but i lacked
the courage and she had a boyfriend and i was
gawky and she was gorgeous and i was hopelessly
boring and she was endlessly fascinating. so i
walked back to my room and collapsed on the
bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain,
i was drizzle and she was a hurricane.
-Looking For Alaska, John Green

 ^idk why i love that soo much? i just doo! haha i would love love to be that girl.

     i like my music loud.
         I mean LOUD. I’m not talking the kind of loud where your parents knock on your
bedroom door and ask you to turn it down. Please. That’s amateur hour.             
When I say loud, I mean you-can’t-hear-your-parents-knocking-and-the-neighbors-
     are-putting-a-FOR-SALE-sign-on-their- house-and-moving-to-another-block-because-
they-can’t-handle-the-constant-noise-anymore loud. You have to turn it up
so that your chest shakes and the drums get in between your ribs
like a heartbeat and the bass goes up your spine and frizzles your
brain and all you can do is dance or spin in a circle or just
scream along because you know that
however this music makes you
it's exactly right.

         //  Audrey, Wait

[thank you for making the quote of my life (: conversexriot)
Here's the Quote of the day! it usually describes how i'm feeling today! (:


the best
is THe
KinD THa
THe souL

every honest mis take;

scream it in your heart
b e c a u s e   y o u   w o n ' t   s a y   i t   o u t   l o u d  

But listen carefully to the sound of your
Like a heartbeat it drives you mad, in the
stillness of remembering
what you had.
Never be picky about farewells
(_.·´¯`·×» they're not promised, and they're not guranteed
+& sometimes you will be even lucky to get a goodbye at all
i love you not only for what you are, but
what i am when i’m with you   
       -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

*for all the homeruns..go to the name hopelessxromanticoxo and that's where i'm going to start my new series..check it out, and follow (: *

Quotes by xohotpinkx6

funny george lopez moment (#25)
benny: hey angie, you wanna use my gun?
angie: are you crazy?!
benny: it's registered under your name, you might as well use it.
funny george lopez moment (#24)
max: laura ortiz wouldn't kiss me! the bottle and it pointed right at me! she spun the bottle, she has to kiss me.  THAT'S THE RULE !
funny george lopez moment (#23)
angie: that is a complete double standard!
george: no it's not, it's one standard for men, one standard for women.  that's two standards! a double standard would be what i said, twice.
baby, close your eyes
don't open till the morning light.
i wanna be someone's gerry.

-daniel, p.s. i love you
i'm nothing you
ever wanted.
but i'm everything you
ever needed.
down to earth
part #6
high school, senior year

finally we'd made it.  senior year graduation.  i looked in the mirror, and i didn't believe the person staring at me was about to graduate.  i spun around in my white dress, and slipped into my wedges.  chris told me he would come up today, and i was super excited.  we'd still remained close, even though i never thought we'd be able to.  he'd come up almost every weekend.  after about a month of that, my mom and i felt bad, so we'd switched every other weekend.  i hadn't seen him in a couple weeks though because all of his friends were having graduation parties.  i went to his, and he was valedictorian.  he made an awesome speech, and i was cheering the whole time.  surprisingly matt and i had continued to go out.  we didn't get in a lot of fights, and chris and him were like best friends.  i straightened one last piece of my hair, and my doorbell rang.  i got up, and ran downstairs.  at my front door was my best friend, standing there in khaki shorts and a polo.
"hey yo!" i squealed as i opened the door.
"hey yo, look at you." he said, checking me out.
"i missed you!" i said, and i jumped into his arms.  he hugged me back, until my mom came to the door and said,
"hey chris, how are you?"
"great mrs. williams, how are you?"
"good.  just getting ready for the graduation." she said, and she stormed away.
"how have you been?" i asked, and i pulled him into my house.
"great.  you know, a lot of parties." he smiled.
"and not seeing me." i said.
"sorry, emily wouln't let me leave." he said.  emily was his current girlfriend he would swear he would marry.  i still loved chris, but just as a friend, and that wasn't ever going to be enough.  and i loved matt too, but it just seemed uncomparable to chris's, so i didn't often.
"it's okay.  you're here now.  i have to finish doing my makeup, come upstairs." i said, and he followed me to my room.  i put on some blush, and mascara, and eyeliner, and i was done.
"you look beautiful." he said.
"awh thanks," i smiled, and i grabbed his hand to go downstairs.  i glanced up at the clock, and it was almost time to leave.  we drove in his car, and when we got there, we all took a bunch of pictures.  everyone greeted chris, and then it was time for the graduation.  after a bunch of tearjerking speeches, we all got called up.  when my name was called, i looked out, and saw chris standing and cheering.  i smiled, accepted my diploma and walked to my seat.  after we all threw our hats up, i ran to see chris and matt.  we all got in a picture with ryan, to capture the moment that would last in our minds forever.
yea, i "liked" you. but now i don't so
shut the hell up.